Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Using the Right Equipment for The Job

How do I remove Trapped Water? There are different types of equipment that can be used to help get trapped water out. A leak in a kitchen is usually a place whe... READ MORE

Toilet Leaking in Hotel Bathroom

When the toilet leaks it is a big deal to move fast in order clean and disinfect. The good news about this leak is that it was from a clean source along the bac... READ MORE

What is Mitigation?

The definition of mitigation is "to lessen," in our case mitigation lessens damage. Insurance companies require property owners to mitigate losses quickly. Here... READ MORE

Flooded Flooring in Oviedo Home

The water that flooded this home came from a broken pipe. There are different ways to clean up water damages depending on where the water came from. A broken pi... READ MORE

Thermal Cameras Find Water

Water always finds its way to the most inconvenient places to dry. Behind drywall and underneath cabinets are usually where the most stubborn of water can be fo... READ MORE

Supply Line Break in Geneva Home

Broken Refrigerator Supply Line The supply line malfunction is the most frequent call we get as a restoration company. They only last so long before they break,... READ MORE