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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Flooded Basement?

10/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Flooded Basement? Flooded basement in Oviedo,FL

Homeowners' insurance policies cover most accidental damage, even if the cause is not a covered peril. You may increase the chances that your insurance company will cover damage by taking preventative measures and performing regular maintenance. Here are three considerations to help you determine whether you can count on insurance coverage in the event of a basement flood.

What Caused the Basement to Flood?

There are several reasons a basement can flood. Water may originate from

  • A broken pipe
  • A leaky water heater
  • Heavy rains
  • Flooding
  • Sewer backup
  • Washing machine overflow

Unless you have proof of recent inspections and regular maintenance, most of these causes are not covered perils. The water damage that results is likely to be covered, unless the cause is flooding, which is only covered by a separate flood insurance policy.

Which Maintenance or Preventative Measures Have You Taken?

In addition to inspections and repairs, you may need to prove you have done everything you can to prevent a basement flood and mitigate the damage in a timely manner. Make sure your sump pump is operational and has a backup power source. Heat your home in freezing weather and allow a faucet to drip to prevent pipes from bursting. Flush and inspect your water heater several times a year. Regardless of the cause, contact your insurance company as soon as water floods your basement.

Have You Done All You Can To Mitigate the Problem?

As long as you take extensive photographic and video evidence of a flooded basement, you can start to mitigate damage before an adjuster arrives. Turn off the water supply if it will slow or stop the flow of water.

Contact your insurance company to schedule a basement flood appointment with a claims adjuster. You can also obtain estimates from a plumber or appliance repair specialist and a home restoration service in Oviedo,FL.

Will a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile Help My Business?

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Will a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile Help My Business? SERVPRO can respond to any commercial water loss in Geneva, FL

When a disaster hits your business in Geneva,FL, you know that you have two types of financial losses: real property and business interruption. Each day of interruption brings regular business expenses as well as emergency expenses. The financial impact quickly adds up with lost daily revenues as well as the long-term effects of losing customers and employees. Because business loss insurance policies cover only so much, your key to financial survival lies in having a contingency plan and minimizing downtime.

Here’s how a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile can save you time in recovering from a disaster:

  • Save money. There is no cost to download the ERP app or to store information on your profile.
  • Enhance communication. Your local SERVPRO franchise is assigned to be your disaster recovery provider.
  • Save time. Setting up your emergency profile is simple. Using your tablet or mobile device facilitates documentation of necessary information and photos, enabling a quick response in the event of an emergency.
  • Facilitate sharing information. You can use features in the app to easily share your emergency profile to other decision-makers and key parties at your company.
  • Prioritize critical needs. SERVPRO can respond more efficiently in an emergency with knowledge of your critical areas as well as emergency information like shutoff valve location.
  • Get help fast. As soon as you know property has been damaged, you can submit your emergency through the ERP app or click to call your local franchise. Already having a complete profile means information will be populated where needed, enabling a quicker start.

To make this process even simpler, you can call your local franchise to create your emergency profile with the assistance of an agent. Having access to a reliable team of professionals at your fingertips can save you valuable time, enabling your business to recover more quickly and minimize losses. You will also benefit from working with one company that specializes in handling all your recovery needs, from mitigation to restoration, saving you from the time-consuming alternative of contacting multiple contractors.

4 Tips for Weathering the Storm

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 4 Tips for Weathering the Storm Storm restoration clean up in Winter Springs, FL

Storm damage to your home in Winter Springs,FL , can feel overwhelming at first. You may jump into task mode, reserving a temporary place for your family to stay and calling the insurance company and storm restoration experts. You may be at a loss for what to do while waiting on them to arrive, though. Here are some storm tips on getting the cleanup process started.

1. Stay Safe

The number one priority is to make sure that you and your family are safe. Shut off the power to the flooded area and avoid using electronics so that you can eliminate electric shock risk. Tread carefully to avoid falling, and use protective gear so that your skin, eyes, nose and mouth do not come into contact with the contaminated storm water.

2. Remove Items

Try to remove as many items as possible. It is especially important to remove rugs, books, magazines or other items with colors that can bleed into carpet. Heavy furniture should be separated from wet carpet by wooden blocks or aluminum foil. Hang up wet fabrics so they can start to dry, and remove valuables.

3. Mop Water

Experts who give storm tips advise that you remove as much water as you can. Use a pump or a bucket to remove standing water. Blot excess water from surfaces. Halt water damage by getting rid of as much water as possible.

4. Increase Air Flow

Another thing that can help dry your house out is an increase in air flow. If it wasn't affected by the storm, turn on the HVAC system or ceiling fans. Open windows to allow outside air to flow through your home. The more air flow you can get, the faster everything will dry.

After a thunderstorm hits, you may have lots of storm damage to your home. These storm tips can help you get a head start on repairs before professional help arrives.

All About the Mold Remediation Process

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation All About the Mold Remediation Process Mold and moisture problem in a Oviedo, FL home

If you are a homeowner dealing with black mold that grew after a storm, you may be wondering exactly how the mold remediation process works. Learn about the following four basic steps to better understand how storm damage restoration specialists will work to fix your mold problem.

1. Containment

Containment involves taking measures to ensure that the existing mold in your Oviedo,FL , home does not spread into other areas. This may include fixing leaky pipes, turning on air filtration devices or drying off wet surfaces that have not yet become moldy. The main objective is to do whatever is possible to stop the spread of mold before it becomes more destructive or harder to control.

2. Tear Out

The next step involves tearing out materials, such as drywall or carpet, that have become infected with black mold and cannot be easily cleaned or treated. A replacement plan will then be put into place.

3. Cleaning

The next step is mold cleanup. This involves cleaning objects and areas that cannot be torn out or easily replaced, including clothing, rugs and furniture. These items then need to be disinfected, which may include treatment with antimicrobial or antifungal products in order to eradicate existing fungal growth and prevent future colonies from developing. If mold odors have developed, deodorization will have to occur, as well.

4. Drying

It is important to dry out wet areas at the end of the remediation process, especially ones that have been mold infested or are at risk of seeing growth in the future. Drying allows the area to return to a more stable state and permits you to have better peace of mind regarding your property’s future.

Now that you better understand the remediation process for black mold after a storm, you are in a better position to take charge of your home’s future after a disaster threatens your valuables and your beautiful investment. Storm damage can cause a flood of emotions, so being prepared in advance helps you to make better decisions when the time comes to contact a storm damage technician.

Is There Mold in Your Oviedo Home?

9/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is There Mold in Your Oviedo Home? Winter Springs, FL, has mold inside that needs to be removed.

Perhaps one of the worst incidents that one may come upon when walking through their home is finding mold. If this happens to be your case, then please do not hesitate to contact a environmental hygienist in the city of Oviedo, FL. They specialize in conducting tasks of home remediation services that enables homeowners to retain the values on their homes. Not only will they be able to retain their homes' values by ridding them of microbial growth, but also of potentially increasing then. Now that is a great opportunity is many of us are aware that homes are probably considered to be some of the highest valued asset items that can be owned. If you are in Florida and would like to contact one of the environmental hygienist professionals, then please feel free request an appointment upon reaching them.

Winter Springs has some of the most beautiful homes that are available in the entire state, however, there are many people in the communities who are not necessarily utilizing the services of fungus removal. If you are wanting to attain such services to remove microbial growth, then you will want to set up an appointment to ask for those services that are offered by a specialist in Orlando.

Mildew often grows in homes or any other type of building in which the weather outdoors is humid. The humidity often creates moisture inside homes and if it is not dried up within a certain period of time, mold will have an opportunity to grow. If you are in Orlando and would like to have the fungus removed, then please contact one of the specialist who are available today. Oviedo specialists can provide you with a myriad of services that may be difficult to attain from the services that are offered by other service companies. Not only that, but you will also be able to benefit from low and competitive rates, some of which are often offered through discounts.

Mildew can cause a vast array of issues for a household. Not only will the home's value see a potential decline if one does not take the steps that will be necessary to have it removed, but the residents' health will be at risk. If you are in Winter Springs and would like to have an inspector check your property, then you should ask about whether or not they are offering specials. If specials are not currently available, then it may be beneficial for you to know that the rates offered are still some of the lowest offered as the company strives to be as competitive as possible. It is your responsibility to upkeep the reputation of Florida as being a state that is full of some of the finest homes in not only the nation, but the world. If you have ever visited the state of FL, then you are probably aware that it is a great place to visit and even live, thus, why it has been referred to a place where retirees choose to live. Visit if you suspect mold in your home or business.

3 Types of Insurance Policies That Can Protect Your Business

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Types of Insurance Policies That Can Protect Your Business This is storm roof damage after a severe storm

As a Oviedo, FL business owner, you may be paying on several different commercial insurance policies as a way to protect yourself and your company. However, your coverage may contain several gaps that could leave your business vulnerable to damage. Before you renew your current policies, you might want to look into a few different types of coverage, from storm insurance to product liability, that may give you a better blanket of protection.

1. Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Whether you own company vehicles or use your own car for a small business, comprehensive coverage can protect you, your vehicle or anyone else who is injured in an accident. Before you search for a policy, log how many hours you use your car for business, as this can affect what kind of coverage you might be able to receive and whether your car can be classified as a commercial vehicle.

2. Storm Damage Insurance

If your business is located in area that sees a lot of bad weather, then you may want to consider adding storm insurance to your coverage. While having a storm damage and restoration service on retainer can be an asset in case of flooding, a policy that covers broken windows, a damaged roof and other catastrophes caused by thunderstorms, sleet storms and winter weather events may help you recover without having to spend money out of pocket.

3. Product Liability Insurance

One type of business insurance coverage that may protect you is product liability. This type of insurance covers injuries caused by any manufactured item you produce at your company. For example, if a customer should cut themselves on a sharp edge while removing a product from the packaging, the insurance would cover the cost of any medical expenses the person might incur. This type of coverage can be modified to suit different types of products.

Running your Oviedo, FL, business means covering all your protective bases, from storm insurance to ensuring your vehicle is properly insured. Remember to read all your policies carefully before signing them to ensure all facets of your business are properly protected.

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Adjacent Building Fires: Insurance Does Cover Smoke Damage

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Adjacent Building Fires: Insurance Does Cover Smoke Damage Smoke and soot damage to this home after a house fire

The flames were shooting high into the sky when you got to work in Oviedo, FL, and the police wouldn’t let you cross the taped off line to check your office. Heavy smoke filled the air as the neighboring office building burned, and flying particles of soot settled around the area for at least 50 feet in every direction. Once the fire was out, the tape was removed, and you walked down the row of offices to finally unlock your workplace door. What greeted you was both surprising and frustrating because smoke damage filled your office and soot covered much of your company’s interior. So, what do you do now?

Notify Insurance

Call your insurance company to document the smoke damage. Include the following information:
• Incident date
• Your location
• Location of fire
• Explanation of contents damaged by smoke or soot
• Discussion with agent about machinery repairs or replacement options
• Dialog on how long business will be closed due to soot damage, if at all

Document Everything

The fire may have been next door, two doors down, or at the end of the block, but if the smoke and soot entered your building, equipment, and office furniture, the insurance company covers the damage under most fire insurance policies. That is why it is important to document everything. Before you have a professional cleaning service come in and begin restoring your company, take pictures of everything. Then list the machinery, office equipment, and furniture that has been damaged by the fire and will need soot or smoke cleaning. Don’t forget to take pictures of inside drawers. Also take pictures of walls, flooring, and even the ceiling.

Contact Cleaners

Most insurance policies cover soot, smoke, and ash professional cleaning services. Don’t forget that all your electronics will need to be cleaned, as will most of the items hidden away in drawers, closets, and storage areas. The smoke damage and its odor can linger for years, so avail yourself to the services of professional cleaners for a thorough cleaning and deodorizing.

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What You Should Know About Secondary Flood Damage

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What You Should Know About Secondary Flood Damage This home flooded after a severe storm

Whether you’re making preparations in anticipation of flooding, or you are already dealing with a flood in Oviedo, FL, you may be aware of hazards like black mold. Though serious, mold is just one type of damage flood water can cause. It’s important to understand how this damage occurs and ways you can minimize its effects.

What Is It?

Damage that occurs as an indirect result of flooding is called secondary damage, in other words, damage that is caused by sitting water, humidity and other post-flood conditions. Examples of this include the following:

• Mold growth
• Weakening and deterioration of structural segments and interior components
• Condensation development

How Does It Happen?

Some damage results from extended submersion in water. The longer that materials such as masonry, drywall or plaster sit in the water, the more saturated they can become, thereby weakening the structure itself.

Evaporation is another main cause of water damage. When sitting water meets high humidity and the water begins to evaporate, it can result in the development of condensation on other surfaces that may still have been dry after the initial flooding. Unfortunately, these conditions create the perfect environment for black mold to develop.

What Can You Do About It?

The key to minimizing secondary damage is to address it as soon as possible. Immediately contact your insurance company, as well as a professional flood cleanup crew. Meanwhile, there are steps you can take to help slow or minimize damage. However, if you cannot perform these tasks safely, it is best to wait for the experts to arrive.

• Remove items that are still dry and place them in a safer area.
• Ensure that flooded areas are well-ventilated. This may be achieved by opening windows and using fans.
• If possible, relocate furniture to higher ground. Dyes and stains may bleed onto carpets and flooring, so use a tarp or other material as a protective barrier underneath.

Sometimes flooding is inevitable, but you can give yourself peace of mind by being informed and prepared. Knowing what to do when it happens and who to call for help can expedite the cleanup process and reduce or potentially stop damage like black mold from occurring.

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Furnace Maintenance Tips

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

One of the main ways to ensure that your home in Oviedo, FL is a comfortable place to live is by maintaining your furnace and air conditioning systems. Regular maintenance of the furnace is necessary to avoid breakdown. Furthermore, if you neglect your furnace, you may end up needing fire cleaning services from restoration specialists when the system causes fire damage. Here are a few ways to ensure that your furnace stays in good shape.

Preliminary Checkup

Before the first cold snap is expected, you need to check to make sure your furnace is working. You don't want to wait until you need it to discover that it requires repair. Turn the unit on to see if it generates heat. If not, one of three things could be the problem:

• Lack of power to source
• Obstruction in air distribution
• Thermostat issues

A qualified technician can accurately and safely diagnose the problem. If the furnace starts to smoke during inspection, he or she can also probably handle the smoke cleaning.

Ongoing Maintenance

During the season the heater is used, regular care can help you avoid having to hire fire cleaning services. The simplest way to maintain your furnace is by changing the filters on a regular basis. If too much dust builds up on the filter, it can start to break down. When that happens, there's nothing to keep the dust out of the furnace itself, which can be a significant fire hazard. Excessive dust can also keep the air from flowing through like it needs to.

Post-Season Service

When spring has sprung, you may have little need of your heater for a few months. This is a great time to schedule its yearly tune up. Maintenance professionals can pinpoint and fix problems before you turn the furnace off for a while rather than letting them go undiscovered for months on end. As an added bonus, warmer weather means you may get a discount on off-season furnace maintenance.

Professionals who specialize in fire cleaning are also great at helping with preventative maintenance. Maintaining your furnace is necessary for your home's safety. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Four Essential Steps To Follow When Making a Flood Damage Claim

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

Tune in to the morning or evening news during certain times of the year, and you will likely see coverage related to flooding in some part of the country. Now imagine if that flooding happened to your home or property in Oviedo, FL. Would you know what to do to make a flood claim? Having a step-by-step plan can ease your angst.

1. Report Loss Immediately

Once you have checked your insurance policy to see if it covers flood damage, you should contact your insurance agent or carrier as soon as possible. Information that you will likely need to have on hand is a telephone number and/or email address where you can be reached, the property location and your policy number.

2. Document All Damage

Before removing any damaged items from your home, you should take pictures and videos of each item and make a detailed list to include dates of purchase, value of the items, model numbers and serial numbers. Receipts can be very helpful to have as well. Additionally, any structural damage, standing water and damaged vehicles should be photographed or videoed.

3. Make Minor Repairs

While waiting for an adjuster to assess the damage for your flood claim, you may need to address issues such as mold and wet carpet immediately. By having a professional manage the water damage and mold restoration process, your home can remain habitable while you go through the insurance claim process.

4. File Proof of Loss

After the adjuster inspects your property and home, he or she will more than likely provide you with a proof of loss document to complete, which is required by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Within 60 days of the flooding, this completed, signed to and sworn to proof-of-loss form, along with supporting documentation and the estimate provided by the adjuster, should be filed with your insurance company for review.

Take the time to learn what to do if your home is damaged in a flood. By following these four steps, you can prepare yourself beforehand on how to make a flood claim. Visit  for more information on water damage.