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Securing Your Property After a Fire

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call after fire damage. Give SERVPRO a call after fire damage.

How Can You Secure Your Property?

After a fire at your property in Oviedo, FL you may have more to worry about than fire damage. Security at a fire-damaged property can be difficult when often areas exposed by fire make any locking doors defunct; security systems may be too damaged to operate. You may have to contend with looting, or with animals entering open areas. So how can you secure your property?

The Best Steps to Take

While your property won’t be wholly secure until it’s been completely restored and all security systems effectively replaced, you can still take precautions to prevent vandalism and other issues. Those precautions include:

• Boarding up any openings in the building. If the building doesn’t provide easy access, many looters and vandals will give up before they might get caught trying to pry the boards free. This can also help keep animals out.
• Installing motion sensor lights. Putting motion sensor lights around the property in the short term can stop many animals and looters in their tracks, and will usually scare both humans and creatures away.
• Removing anything that survived fire damage from the property. This should be a major part of fire cleanup anyway, but if you remove anything surviving of value from the property, this removes the temptation to loot as well.
• Putting up temporary fencing. Temporary fencing such as chain-link fencing gives you the option to at least put a padlock on the fence, and add a deterrent to invasion.

While none of these methods are foolproof, they’re still a good stopgap in the short term while you take the chance to assess fire damage and make plans for cleanup and restoration. No property owner deserves to lose what things of value they have left after already suffering the devastation of a fire. Take precautions, and secure your valuable property before human or animal invaders can do additional damage.

Why you should act quickly with water damage

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Call SERVPO if you experience water damage to your home. Call SERVPRO if you experience water damage to your home.

Why You Should Act Quickly With Water Damage

When water damage appears, you may wonder what steps you need to take. Should you just call a plumber, or do you look to take on extra measures? Because fluid acts as a catalyst for fungus, leaks, and puddles mean more than simply grabbing paper towels and replacing a fixture. Business owners in Winter Springs, FL, need to seek immediate assistance to determine whether an underlying complication has developed. Then, the experts should complete the following steps.

1. Find It Fast

Mold growth occurs quickly, often within one to two days. That means that a small leak could become a significant hazard within a short amount of time. Keep an eye open for changes. Ceilings may look discolored, the carpet might seem damp and a musty odor could permeate the room. Any of the symptoms should be treated seriously. Call in a mold remediation team to inspect the establishment, determining how much of the space is affected.

2. Attend to the Issue

Water damage needs immediate attention. The initial trouble needs repair, and moisture removal needs to happen. Have industrial dehumidifiers brought in to treat the space, and trash anything polluted. This includes carpet pads, baseboards, and drywall. These objects, because they are porous, cannot be thoroughly sanitized. Have them replaced with new materials.

3. Keep It Clean

Establish routines that encourage mold prevention. Since spores travel in the air, they can move about a location through the vents. Air conditioning companies can clean vents, sucking out the dust and particles that harbor there. This could help reduce exposure. Also, vacuum regularly with a device that uses a HEPA filter, pulling up anything that might harbor within carpet fibers. Since the carpet pad can also host spores, have them steam cleaned once or twice a year. The industrial system can draw out hosts hidden within the padding. Finally, wipe down fixtures regularly.
Pay attention to water damage. By putting it off, you could exasperate the occasion, putting your building and, thus, your business, at risk. Have professionals sanitize it and remove any contaminated sections.

An Explanation of Category 3 Water Damage

11/6/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet overflow in a Chuluota, FL building

It's never a good thing to see water in your building. Even minor flooding can cause severe damage to building materials, furniture, electronics and other work-related supplies. Of all the flood water you could encounter on your work property, category 3 water is the most concerning. If this type of water infiltrates the building, you'll need to get in touch with a professional flood cleanup company right away.

The Characteristics

Flood water can be divided into three categories. Category 1 water is clean and comes from sources of usable water in pipes and from faucets. Category 2 water, also known as gray water, contains certain biological contaminants that can cause illness upon contact or ingestion. Category 3 water, also known as black water, is the most dangerous. It can be lethal if ingested and harmful to those who come in contact with it. It has the following traits:

  • Comes from sewer lines or toilets.
  • Contains raw sewage such as feces.
  • Can contain other contaminants such as silt, heavy metals or pesticides.

The Consequences
If your building suffers category 3 water damage due to a backed-up or broken sewer line or from a toilet overflow, there could be significant damage. A team of professionals would need to assess the issues and use high-powered equipment and tools to remove the water and sewage. Crews would tear out materials and disinfect the entire area before anyone could return to the building.

Your Responsibilities
If you spot black water in the Chuluota, FL, office, you should evacuate everyone in the building immediately. You should not get near the water or try to remove any of it. Professionals have the right protective gear to stay safe in and around the water.
Category 3 flood water is dangerous both to you and your building. If such an emergency arises, make sure you get help right away so you can stay safe and clean up your building thoroughly.

When and How Is It Appropriate To Treat Workplace Burns on Your Own?

10/11/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage can be devastating, but fire-induced injuries can be more so. Burns can be medically complicated, so it is important to know what you are looking at and what steps you should take immediately in Chuluota, FL.

Major Versus Minor Burns

To apply the correct type of burn first aid, you first need to know what type of injury it is. The two biggest categories are major and minor burns. Minor burns appear red, can include blisters, are painful and are smaller than 3 inches. Major burns are more serious, and have the following characteristics:

  • Larger than 3 inches or 8 centimeters
  • Cover important areas like hands, feet, groin, face or major joints
  • Go deep, affecting underlying tissue
  • Appear charred, with discolored spotting
  • Appear dry or leathery

Major Protocol

When addressing a major burn, the objective is to keep the person from further harm until emergency help arrives. You should call 911 right away. First, the person should be removed from the source of the burn or the fire damage. Burns tend to swell, so restrictive apparel should be removed. Be sure that the victim is breathing and keep an eye out for symptoms of shock, such as shallow breathing or fainting. If possible, injuries should be elevated. Cover the burned areas with a clean, moist bandage or cloth. Do not put large burns in water, as it could cause hypothermia.

Minor Protocol

Minor burns do not require emergency help and can be treated with simple first aid. Remove rings or restrictive apparel before the burn swells. Cool down the burn by running it under cool, not cold, water. You can apply lotion and wrap loosely with a gauze bandage. Be sure not to break the blisters. You may also take over-the-counter pain relievers, if necessary.
Human needs take priority, so what should you do about the fire damage? A fire remediation service can handle the full scope of it while you keep your attention on the health and recovery of those injured.

4 Things Your Business Should Throw Out After a Fire

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

High heat and smoke can have an impact on medicine

4 Things Your Business Should Throw Out After a Fire

Smoke damage is pervasive, and it can ruin many items in your office, warehouse or store during a fire. If your business in Chuluota, FL, recently had a fire and you're in the midst of the smoke cleaning process, there are many things you can probably save but several you should throw out right away.

Perishable and Non-Perishable Food Items

Any food that came into contact with smoke, soot, flames, heat, or firefighting chemicals should get thrown out. This especially applies to food with open packaging, as smoke and soot can easily contaminate the food inside.

Uniforms and Textiles

It is possible to disinfect textiles and clothing after a fire but not necessarily recommended by most smoke damage cleaning professionals. Soot and smoke that get into fabrics contain chemicals that can hurt the skin upon contact. In addition, those who wear uniforms or other textiles that have been exposed to fire may inhale these chemicals even after the cloth has been subjected to extensive cleaning.

Upholstered Furniture Pieces

If your office or waiting room has upholstered furniture pieces exposed to the fire or soot damage, these items may be structurally unsafe and should get replaced following the fire. The only exception is hardwood furniture, which business owners can often salvage with an oil soap designed for furniture.

Toiletries, Cosmetics, and Medicines

High heat, smoke and the water used by firefighters can have an impact on toiletries, cosmetics, and medicines. Because of the high temperatures likely to be found in a commercial fire, medications may lose their effectiveness and the composition of cosmetics may be compromised. Even if there is no visible damage, it may be best to get rid of them.
It may be difficult financially and logistically for your business to throw away so much inventory and other office items after a fire. At the same time, getting rid of all items with smoke damage will contribute to a faster cleanup process and return to normal business operations.

It’s Your Responsibility to Prepare Your Business for a Disaster

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Are you ready?

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. For a variety of reasons, officially declared major disasters have almost doubled since the 1990s. This impacts everyone, everywhere, and Oviedo, FL, is no exception. If you own or manage a business, there’s no excuse not to have a plan for disaster preparedness.

Disasters Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

There are so many conceivable disasters that no one can be fully prepared for everything. However, it’s entirely worthwhile to develop business preparedness for the most common types of catastrophes. The three main areas of disaster to plan for are

  • Technological Disaster
  • Manmade disaster
  • Natural disaster

Technology Is Your Friend – Until It Isn’t
The information technology that’s now essential for virtually all businesses has a nasty tendency to break down. If you haven’t developed disaster preparedness for the loss of some or all of your files and hardware, you’re likely to eventually pay a terrible cost. Back up everything constantly to the cloud and use a tape backup once a day or more.

Manmade Disasters Are Often the Bitterest
When the disaster is caused by someone’s carelessness or bad intent, it can feel very personal. A virus attack, ransomware or vandalism all are intrusions into your life, and a single internet crime aimed at a company can bankrupt it unless you’ve consistently backed up everything possible. Vandalism is harder to stop but typically easier to fix with insurance.

Natural Disasters Can Be Survivable
If you’ve planned for all the major natural disasters you’re likely to face and kept all key employees informed and prepared, you have an excellent chance of your business bouncing back. Having effective disaster preparedness isn’t a matter of luck; it’s the result of doing some basic research and practicing how you and your employees will respond.
FEMA has excellent resources for recovering after a disaster. Their business disaster planning handbook is free to everyone and is a relatively quick read. Once you’ve had storm damage, a restoration company can then take over the process. They’ll help you with insurance forms and rapidly develop a plan to get your company back to full functionality.

Winter Storm Flooding: Tips to Protect Your Business

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Water can rise quickly after the rain stops during a storm.

When you think of how flooding might impact your Oviedo, FL business, weather events like torrential rainstorms or hurricanes might come to mind. However, flooding can occur in almost any kind of weather, including during the winter months, and is usually the result of a burst pipe exposed to freezing temperatures. You can protect your business from winter floods by preparing for cold weather and having a plan in place in case flooding does occur.

Plan for Winter Weather

If cold weather arrives around the same time every year in your area, you can plan accordingly to protect your building from winter flooding. Be aware of how your building’s water supply operates and which sections of piping might be the most vulnerable. Locate valves and spigots in case you need to turn off the water in case of a flooding event.

Insulate Your Building’s Pipes

A frozen pipe can burst without warning and cause serious flooding inside your business. Because water can damage electrical systems and ruin stored inventory in moments, preventing frozen pipes is a smart way to protect your investments. Insulate your outdoor pipes before freezing temperatures arrive and improve or add insulation around indoor pipes as well, especially in your building’s basement.

Work With a Flood Mitigation Company

When a burst pipe causes flooding, taking care of the problem quickly to prevent the water from spreading can prevent severe damage to your business. Hiring a professional cleaning and restoration company to provide you with mitigation services in case of a flooding emergency may help stem the worst of the water damage before it can reach other areas of your building. These flood experts can also safely remove standing water in affected areas.

When cold weather arrives in Oviedo, FL it can cause a frozen or burst pipe that could quickly flood your business. Preparing for frigid temperatures and having an emergency flood plan in place could help protect your building and everyone who enters it.

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How Do You Prepare for a Commercial Fire?

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

A commercial fire in Oviedo, FL is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Business owners with common sense will protect their assets with a decent insurance policy to ensure they can rebuild in the event of a fire. But what about protecting your most important asset: your own life and the lives of your employees? To avoid the unspeakable tragedy of losing those you employ in a fire, it’s good to have a fire escape plan. Here are a few tips to ensure your emergency escape plan is sound:

1. Ensure your business has the proper number of smoke alarms. In newer homes, the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) requires hard-wired, interconnected smoke alarms with battery backup on every level of the building, outside each work area and inside each office. If your building is older and smoke alarms are not already in place, install them on every level and outside each work area at a minimum. Test your alarms once a month and replace the batteries at least once a year.

2. Teach employees what smoke alarms sound like and how to respond if they hear one. If your smoke alarm has a test feature, set aside a training in which you teach your employees the fire escape plan and include a smoke alarm test. If it does not have a test feature, there are videos online which provide demonstrations of what smoke alarms sound like.

3. Ensure everyone in the building knows of two ways to escape from every room. It’s also important to establish a meeting spot outside the building. Depending on the size of the building, this may require a customized escape diagram.

4. Establish an emergency communications plan. As part of your building’s fire escape plan, make sure everyone knows who to contact in the event of an emergency and how.

5. Practice escaping from your building at least twice a year. This may seem excessive, but fire drills can save lives in the event of a real fire. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

How Professionals Clean Damage from Sewer Damage

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

If your business has a flooded toilet, sewer backup, or requires sewer cleanup for any other reason, you may wonder how anyone could return your business to its former glory. While it’s not magic, it’s pretty amazing what professional restoration companies in Oviedo, FL can do. First, the crew may send out technicians that specialize in each of these areas:

Water Damage Restoration
• Applied Structural Drying
• Odor Control
• Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning

Each of these trained professionals can tackle a different aspect of cleaning up after a sewage backup.

Water Damage Restoration

Whether you need help with a broken pipe, rain flooding, or sewer backup, water damage restoration should be part of the method. This process helps prevent secondary damage, such as black mold. The sooner you call a cleanup crew, the more effective water damage restoration can be.

Applied Structural Drying

Mold isn’t the only problem that water can cause. Too much water can make the structures in your building vulnerable. That’s why sewage cleanup should always include applied structural drying. This process precisely dries the walls, floors, and other structures that the water damaged. If done quickly, this can keep you from needing more construction work.

Odor Control

Of course, sewer cleanup must include some way to make the foul odor disappear. A skilled Odor Control Technician can make this happen. These professionals tackle the smell from many different angles to ensure it disappears. Not only can they get rid of the sewage smell, but they can also prevent mold and mildew smells.

Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning

In some unfortunate situations, the sewage can damage upholstered furniture and other fabrics. If that happens in your office, a professional restoration company in Oviedo, FL can send a specialist to tackle this problem. This technician may work with the Odor Control Technician to keep the smells at bay. While they may not be able to save everything, you may be amazed at the skills this member of the sewer cleanup crew has.

Today’s technology and years of experience enable many restoration crews to quickly and efficiently restore your property after a flood. Don’t hesitate to find the company that will work best for your needs.
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How to Pick up the Pieces After Severe Commercial Fire Damage

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

How to Pick up the Pieces After Severe Commercial Fire Damage

If you own a business, you have to know that there is always a chance you are going to have a utility room fire or an electrical fire that is going to cause commercial fire damage. Even if you think you have used the right fire suppression system, there is always going to be a chance that the utility room fire is able to go just long enough to cause smoke damage or soot damage. The question isn’t really how are you able to get the kind of fire suppression system or fire sprinkler system that can keep you from having the fire damage be somewhat limited. The real question is that after there is something like an electrical fire, how do you pick up the pieces and limit the damage in a way that won’t cost you all your money to repair.

Contact commercial fire damage insurance company straight away

When it comes to commercial fire damage, getting a quick assessment of the fire damage, as well as the smoke damage and the soot damage is going to be key. Once the last fire truck and firefighter has left the premises, you should be on the phone with your insurance company. You might even still have a fire hose or firefighter still on scene when you start assessing all the fire damage that has been caused. You don't want to lose any time getting the company on the phone.

Choose the right fire restoration services firm

Once the last fire truck has pulled away, the last fire hose has been reeled up and the last firefighter has headed back to the station, it's officially time to start cleaning up after the electrical fire or utility room fire. The longer you take to start cleaning up after soot damage, smoke damage or fire damage, the more those things are going to cause real damage to your bottom line. Fire restoration as soon as possible is key.

There are companies that specifically deal with fire restoration services and they should be the next call after you call the commercial fire damage insurance company. Fire restoration services understand that you need the soot damage and smoke damage cleaned up right after the last fire truck leaves. They will be coming as soon as they can, as long as you work well with the insurance company. Make sure you detail everything that needs to be fixed, even if this means documenting where a fire hose coming into the property might have caused extra damage. The fire hose is a heavy piece of equipment and can increase the damage.

This isn't to say the firefighter that brought the fire hose in should be blamed, but you need to document all the problems caused by the fire.

Make sure the investigation of the cause is thorough

After the last fire truck has left the scene and every firefighter has gone onto other jobs, it's time to figure out just what happened so it doesn't happen again. Even if you have a fire suppression system, such as a fire sprinkler system, there can be issues. Maybe the fire suppression system malfunctioned. Maybe the fire sprinkler system doesn't cover enough of the property. When it comes to electrical fire damage, a fire sprinkler system just might not be enough to get the job done. A utility room fire might end up reaching chemicals that aren't affected as much by water.

Always considering doubling up on whatever systems you have in place to fight commercial fire damage. Sometimes this can just mean having an extra fire extinguisher. Sometimes it means making sure employees aren't being careless in highly flammable areas. No matter what the answer, be thorough when it comes to deciding the cause and the method you are going to use to make sure this kind of thing doesn't affect you again.
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Secondary Damage After a Fire

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Secondary Damage After a Fire

A fire in home or fire in business can be devastating because of the loss it can cause. It is not possible to completely protect your business or home from the incidences of fire, but you can take up measures that could help in the mitigation of its spread. If you have a fire in home or fire in business, you should make sure that you find the firefighters to help you in fire suppression and reduce extent of commercial fire damage.

The good thing about firefighters is that they respond quickly and make sure that fire is suppressed before it can spread further to cause more fire damage. The good thing also has the bad side of it; firefighting effort is a war, it's intense and vigorous. The firefighters take no chance; they break into doors and windows to access the areas under fire. You can imagine the mess that will result from their efforts. The results is, flood damage, soot damage, fire damage, smoke damage and smoke smell. However, their ultimate goal is to make sure that fire is suppressed.

After the firefighters have left, you will be able to access the property and see the extent of the damage. The extent of the damage can be heartbreaking, but the good thing is that the mess you see can be cleaned through a fire cleanup service, and your house or business can be restored back to normal. The fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, smoke smell and water flood are not permanent; you should call a fire restoration company immediately.

After the area has been boarded up, fire cleanup can begin by cleaning up the soot damage, which results from the burning items. After soot damage clean up, professional repainting of the wall is undertaken. Smoke damage causes the smoke smell, which spread in all the rooms and is absorbed in the porous upholstery. Cleaning up of smoke damage is done through deodorization, which ensures that smoke smell is eliminated.
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Importance of Hiring Professional Commercial Fire Restoration Services

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Importance of Hiring Professional Commercial Fire Restoration Services

A loss in business is a reality that all owners are familiar with and make efforts to remain a float. However, fire damage is a different thing altogether for business because it does not only lead to loss, but it destroys the infrastructure for recovering that loss. Utility room fire or electrical fire outbreaks have a chilling effect on a commercial property.

In effort against fire loss, the most buildings have measures that help to protect the property from utility room fire or electrical fire loss. Fire sprinkler system is one of the strategies that play an important role in fire suppression.

This system has sensors that detect a change in room temperature. If the temperature reaches a critical level, the alarm turns on, the valves open and jets of water is sprinkled in the rooms. The fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against fire before the arrival of back up from firefighters.

Fire suppression exercise

The fire sprinkler system alone may not be able to curb utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak from spreading. If no response comes quickly to help the fire sprinkler system, the fire can easily consume the entire building. Firefighters must arrive on time with their fire truck and fire hose to undertake intensive fire suppression. They are professionals in fire suppression, and they spare no effort to make sure that the inferno is put out as quickly as possible. This means that the firefighters can break into doors and windows without asking for permission and are not liable for any damage they cause while fighting the fire.

The fire truck is sometimes brought closer to the building; cranes are ejected to hoist the fire fighter and fire hose in appropriate height. The fire hose is capable of injecting high-pressure water from the fire truck onto the fire. Firefighters have to ensure that the fire does not spread further and could take a few minutes while some could go for hours. Utility room fire or electrical fire could spread through the building very fast and must be stopped immediately.

Fire damage and Firefighting mess

After the fire, the reality on what transpired inside becomes clear to the business owner and there is need for fire restoration. Apart from the fire damage, there is soot damage, water damage and smoke damage that is visible. Also, the fire hose pressure mixes and turn everything upside down.

The charred mess of fire damage is visible and sometimes hard to recognize what it was. The flood from the fire truck is all over the place making some documents and carpets wet. This devastating scene can only be rectified by professionals who are familiar with commercial fire damage restoration.

Professional commercial fire damage restoration
Hiring professionals for fire restoration is half job done because you can rest assured that their services would turn the mess around and create a familiar place for your business. Professional commercial fire damage services usually take record of the items destroyed and the remaining ones. Those that can be repaired or cleaned are sorted while the rest is properly disposed of. They also find out where there are data backups that could be salvaged such as the computer hard drives among other.

The soot damage, water damage, and smoke damage are some of the things that must be cleaned fast to restore the face of the interior. Soot damage is cleaned using a dry brush to remove the ash as the painting is done. Water is drained from the rooms and floor cleared, and drying is done to prevent mold from growing. The smoke damage is deodorized from the remaining upholstery and other areas that could have absorbed the odor.

After completing the soot damage, smoke damage and water cleanup, the damaged items are replaced, and those under repair are brought back. Most of the fire restoration services have adequate tools and workforce to expedite the restoration effort. Commercial fire damage can be a devastating experience, but if you use professional fire restoration services, your business will emerge triumphant over the fire damage.
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