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Bursting Pipes: 4 Steps To Take Before Help Arrives

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

Bursting pipes can turn into a nightmare if not approached carefully. Bursting pipes can turn into a nightmare if not approached carefully.

Four Steps To Take To Help Fix Broken Pipes

Bursting pipes can turn into a nightmare if not approached carefully. Aside from the smelly, discolored water, and leaks that often accompany a broken pipe, more significant issues such as mold and secondary water damage to the home can occur. If you need to cross "fix broken pipe" off your to-do list quickly, the first step is to contact your local plumber and water restoration specialists. In the meantime, here are four steps you can take to help fix broken pipes before help arrives at your Chuluota, FL, home.

1. Turn Off the Water
To help prevent more water from leaking into your home, make sure to turn off the main water source. The main water valve can typically be found in the basement. This should help prevent any further damage.

2. Drain the Faucets
Turn on the cold water to drain any remaining water from the system. Be sure to flush the toilets a couple of times as well. This may prevent any remaining cold water from refreezing the previously bursting pipes and relieve backed-up pressure in them. Once the cold water appears to be drained, turn off the water heater and drain the hot taps directly after.

3. Clean Up Any Standing Water
More likely than not, some water has leaked into your home from the broken pipes. Clean up any wet spots or standing water in the house; allowing it to sit may lead to mold or mildew in the home.

4. Document Everything
This step is purely for insurance purposes. It is important to document and take pictures of any damage to the home or your possessions to show the insurance company when making a claim.
Bursting pipes can be a considerable expense, but by taking immediate action with the clean-up process, a lot of the damage can be reduced. Remember, at the first sign of trouble, contact the professionals before the situation gets worse!

What is Category 3 Water Damage?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

Category 3 water contains bacteria Category 3 water contains bacteria.

If flood water has invaded your business in Oviedo, FL, it is important to clean it quickly. Category 3 water can contain high levels of contaminants, making it unsafe to enter. If it sits for an extended period, mold can begin to grow and bacteria can multiply. The sooner the problem is remedied, the less damage you may have, and the faster you can be back in business.

What Is Category 3 Water?

There are three categories of water contamination. Category 1 has little to no contaminants, and Category 2 contains some contaminants. Category 3 is the dirtiest and can contain a variety of contaminants:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Decaying organic matter
  • Silt
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Sewage

A toilet overflow is a common cause of Category 3 water because it can contain high levels of bacteria and viruses. Flood water is considered Category 3 water since it picks up everything along its path, including environmental toxins and e.coli.

How Can Things Return To Normal?
Most insurance companies cover water damage from a variety of sources, so the first thing you should do is contact your agent. Since it can be hazardous, it is best not to try to clean Category 3 water yourself. There are teams of professionals who are used to working through the entire process and know what needs to be done and in what order. A water remediation team can work to extract the excess water using specialized equipment and industrialized blowers to dry the area quickly. Experts can use an appropriate disinfectant or biocide to sanitize the area. If you have carpets, walls, or other structural materials that need to be removed, they can remove these and replace them with new materials.
Flood water damage can feel overwhelming. By working with a professional remediation company, you can have your workplace restored and business back to normal "Like it never even happened."

How to Deal With Sewage Problems in the Home

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

sewage backup in Geneva, Florida - sewage cleanup needed Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East for sewage cleaning!

Most homeowners in Geneva, FL, contend with slow drains, poor water pressure or blocked pipes. If these problems sound familiar, you've probably used household solutions to overcome them. For more serious concerns, like a backed-up sewer or significant blockage in your plumbing lines, you may need more professional help with sewage cleaning.

Common Causes of Plumbing Issues

Even small plumbing problems can frustrate you, so it is helpful to know how these start. Once you know the root of the concern, you can develop a game plan to solve it. Here are a few:

  • Buildup in pipes from sediment, human waste, hair, and food, causing a clogged pipe. 
  • Faulty appliances
  • Cold weather freezing pipes, causing them to burst

Overflowing Toilets

You can face a toilet overflow at home due to a few causes. Sometimes, you may even see this happen when you turn on the water in the shower. This indicates blockage somewhere between the toilet and the sewer. Water will back up in the waste lines and exit the first place it can: the toilet. Repairing this could be as simple as using a plunger. If that is ineffective, you could try using a sewer snake tool. You might have to call a plumber if the job gets too big. If you don't resolve this overflow, you could face significant damage and end up hiring a professional sewer cleaning crew. 

Sewer System Backup

If the main sewer line into your home backs up, you'll notice it pretty quickly because of the foul odor. Sewage cleaning is something you should leave to the pros. The line can clog due to a collapse or from tree roots growing into the pipes. Luckily, if the blockage is under the street and not on your property, your local water and sewer company should take care of it. 

The prospect of sewage cleaning can be scary. Pay attention to these common issues and how you can spot and repair them.

Water Damage Steps

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

flooded floor in Oviedo, Florida - water damage Have water damage? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East.

Water damage can be devastating for a home or business. It's possible to lose everything as a result. However, it's essential to understand what needs to be done if your home or business has sustained damage due to some water-related incident or natural disaster. There are certain steps you need to take in the event of a flooded home or business. These steps will keep you safe and help you prepare for professional technicians to start the water cleanup process in your flooded home or business.

Unknown Hazards

Water damage is often hard to pinpoint once the water has receded. It can occur for many reasons. However, it usually results from a flood, a supply line break, or a pipe break. The damage can be both dangerous and devastating. Although it may not be visible to the naked eye, what you can't see can hurt you. Within 24 hours of water damage, microbial growth sets in. Moisture can collect just about anywhere. It can be present behind the walls, in the drywall, and even in furniture and other porous materials. However, this is not the only concern. Wildlife can also take up residence in a recently flooded area, creating an extra need for safety and precaution. It's not unusual for everything from snakes and rodents to reptiles to be present in a flood situation. Be prepared. Wear boots and other protective clothing. It's also not a bad idea to wear rubber gloves and a vapor respirator. Even contaminated liquids can pose a threat to your safety. This is a concern with a supply line break and a pipe break. This is why you must exercise extreme caution when entering an area that has been recently flooded from natural causes or a supply line break or pipe break.

Safety Measures

If you must enter an area that has been recently flooded, make sure that the electricity has been turned off. Electric wires and outlets may still present some safety issues, making it possible to be electrocuted. Err on the side of caution to prevent injury. Flood damage always calls for extra safety measures. A restoration company generally makes mitigation a priority when it comes to making an area safe again. Water cleanup is generally the priority in situations where there is water in a home or water in a business. The drying process is a part of the mitigation plan as well. Anytime you have a flooding situation, there is usually some sustained damage that will make some things unusable.

Restoration Professionals

Professionals best handle water damage. A restoration company is qualified and prepared to determine what items in a flooded home are beyond salvaging. The same holds for a business. However, items like mattresses, box springs, particleboard, and pillows hold more moisture than other items and generally have to be thrown away. This can be done before a restoration company comes to perform water cleanup. Record and itemize any items lost to flood damage for insurance purposes. Restoration companies make mitigation a top priority when handling water in a home and water in a business. They have the skills and training to quickly determine items that have water damage and may be unsalvageable. Professional technicians will know how to approach water cleanup and the drying process. They understand the hazards that water can create and actively work to diminish those hazards through mitigation.

The Process

A professional restoration company comes into a flooded home or business with mitigation as a top priority. They search for pockets of moisture and remove them. These pockets can be behind the tile, walls, and other materials that may feel dry to the touch. They use specialized equipment that allows them to measure moisture levels. This equipment can locate moisture in hidden pockets. These pockets are then exposed to air by removing tile, drywall, or any other material that may be trapping the moisture in a particular area. This is part of the drying process. Part of restoration is pressure washing any areas where moisture was present to prevent or eliminate mold and bacteria growth. Detergent can be used to pressure wash affected areas. If mold and bacteria are found, technicians get rid of them by using mechanical methods and chemical methods. They also have tools that speed up the drying process to prevent more bacteria and mold growth.

Make Sure the Company is Certified

Make sure the restoration company that you hire is certified. The certification should be through a reputable organization as well. Technicians who have had the proper training know what to do in the event of flood damage and water damage resulting from a flood, supply line break, or pipe break. Anytime you have standing water in your home or standing water in your business for a prolonged amount of time, there will be damage. However, acting quickly and calling a professional company are the best approach.

Dealing with a home or business that has sustained water or flood damage isn't fun. However, the chances of mitigation and restoration are greater when you hire a restoration company to help. Professionals will identify which items have been damaged beyond repair, locate excess moisture and remove it. Go with a professional company if you are faced with water in your home or water in your business.

What to do When Faced with Water Damage

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage in Oviedo, Florida Have water damage? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East!

The hose to the washing machine springs a leak, or the hot-water pipe under the sink cracks and begins spewing water. What should you do? A broken pipe in a home can pour out hundreds or even thousands of water per hour, quickly overwhelming any effort to bring the flooding under control. How can you best handle such an event in your home?

The first thing to realize is what not to do. Beyond the initial containment of the leak, do not ever attempt the restoration or mitigation of severe water damage on your own. Any water damage exceeding approximately one gallon can begin to pose a severe threat to your home. Even small quantities of water in your home or water in your business can lead to superficial damage, mold formation, or even structural damage to the property. It is imperative to call professional water restoration specialists who will begin the water cleanup process as quickly as possible, sending highly trained staff with serious equipment at their disposal.

What is the Water Restoration Process?

The first step in the face of any potential flood damage event is to call the professionals. Water damage restoration and mitigation are difficult tasks that require both specialized training and heavy, advanced equipment. The sooner the professionals are called in, the less damage the water in the home or business will do.

Inspection of the Property and Assessment of Damage

The first thing the damage mitigation specialists will do is inspect the site of the flood damage and assess its severity upon arriving on the scene. This is typically a quick process, but it's also crucial to mitigate any flood damage. Professional water cleanup specialists will use sophisticated equipment not available to the public, such as infrared scopes and hygrometers. These instruments can find otherwise invisible water and determine how much is present in spaces not visible, such as subfloor and joists.

Water Extraction

Once the flood damage is assessed, the water in the home or business will be extracted. The water cleanup specialists will use high-grade pumping systems, including submersible pumps, to vacuum the water into a large mobile tanker truck. These specialists will be able to remove thousands of gallons of water per hour, bringing the house to a semi-dry state, typically within just a few minutes. At this point, there will be no standing water in the home or water in the business. What water that exists will have soaked into furniture, flooring, walls, and structural components.

Drying and Dehumidifying the Property

At this point, the water cleanup professionals will begin the process of drying the home. Drying is perhaps the most essential element in the cleanup process. It is also the most dangerous for non-professionals to attempt.

Using extremely high-powered drying systems, not unlike those seen in a car wash, the cleanup team will be able to dry the entire premises within an hour or two, cranking the heat up to near the point at which household materials would begin to burn. Because they are highly trained professionals, they can do this without damaging any walls, floors, or other structures. But attempting to do this oneself could quickly lead to a fire.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Final Restoration

Once the premises have been thoroughly dried, the final step in water damage control will begin. This step involves bringing back all removed items, such as furniture, paintings, books, and pictures. The professional cleanup specialists will also be able to use special sanitization and cleaning processes, similar to dry cleaning, that can restore the room and its contents to a state indistinguishable from before the flooding event occurred. The home or business will now look exactly as it did before the flooding event with the right team.

How to Recover Your Home or Business After Water Damage

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

water damage in Oviedo, Florida Have water damage? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East!

When water in the home or business happens, timing is critical. Not only can the water ruin your furniture, carpets, and ceiling, but it can also destroy valuable family items, important documents, and irreplaceable personal belongings. Professionals are available to contain the water and provide water cleanup and restoration quickly.

Water mitigation is the process of minimizing the amount of damage that occurs after a flooded home or water in business damage. It prevents the situation from getting worse by taking fast action. Professional help ensures that the property is restored to its pre-damage condition.

Restoration is needed after plumbing failures, a pipe break, a supply line break, or after flood damage. Ruined furniture, warped flooring, damaged walls, and soaked rugs are only the beginning if water cleanup and drying are not engaged quickly. Quick action is key to getting a flooded home or business back to normal.

Specific steps are taken to minimize property damage, prevent additional water damage, and ensure the property's successful restoration.

Call a Restoration Company

Water in the home or business can mean valuable items may become permanently damaged, especially if professional service is delayed.

When moisture seeps into valuable objects, some steps need to be taken right away to prevent long-term damage. Steps to take flood damage immediately is detected:

. Call a restoration company with a team of certified water cleanup and drying professionals.

. Cut off any water source or close the water main to stop the water flow.

. Remove or unplug all electrical devices from the submerged areas or wet carpet.

. Lift any draperies or curtains away from water or wet carpet.

. Remove shoes, books, potted plants, fabrics, papers, or other items that can stain wet carpet.

Benefits of Getting Professional Service

Mitigation professionals understand how crucial it is to act immediately when there is an emergency such as a pipe break, a supply line break, stormwater backup, flooded home, or water in business from plumbing failure. Recognizing that a flooded home or business causes a devastating setback to businesses and families, they do whatever it takes to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

No matter the cause of the water damage or how large the water restoration project qualified water damage professionals can handle it. They will conduct an initial inspection to assess the damage. During the inspection, mitigation experts from a restoration company also use their special tools and equipment to identify the flood source and stop more water from coming in.

Water damage mitigation professionals use structural drying procedures to ensure quick and complete drying of the entire structure and contents. They utilize high-tech equipment and advanced techniques to get the job done correctly. Ensuring efficient drying of the structure and contents and will also help to eliminate odors. They will restore the home or business to the previous condition before the damage occurred.

It's essential to understand that a lot of work is involved in fixing water damage problems, whether caused by a pipe break, supply line break, or another issue. Calling the professional water cleanup, drying, and restoration experts at a reliable restoration company can save you hassles and help you with your insurance issues.

Summing Up

Time is of the essence when a pipe break or supply line break occurs, or when you're dealing with flood damage or water in-home or business, and the key is to get help fast. Reputable professionals utilize a recovery and restoration process that is aimed at people and property. It is crucial to call a restoration company you can rely on to reduce the impact of a flooded home or business damage.

How a Specialist Can Help Undertake Water Damage Restoration

1/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo, restoration company SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East is here to help!

A damaged plumbing system can cause leakages that could wreak havoc in your home and call for costly restoration measures. The leakage can cause flood damage to your prized assets as well as the structure of your building, and mitigation against water in-home dining and living areas is vital. Fortunately, you can minimize the flood damage by drying and undertaking comfort before it is too late. Also, you can protect the building from future water damage by taking the following precautions:

Salvage Your Belongings

One of the best ways to cut home restoration costs after water damage is to salvage as many items as possible. The flow of water on home surfaces can destroy your documents. You can also use a wet and dry vacuum pump to absorb the moisture or move the air during restoration and mitigation. A dehumidifier will eliminate the excess water in home walls and floors. You might need to replace the ceilings if you encounter leakages of water in business storage tanks.

Improving Your Drainage System

Raising the floor level above the ground level can minimize water damage. This intervention will guarantee proper drainage of the stormwater, helping you to avoid flood damage. Installing the floor traps in the bathroom can also help to avoid leakages. Since the bathrooms and kitchens are the usual suspects when it comes to flooding, drying the surfaces comes in handy if you want to avoid flood damage. Stormwater can also get into the building or seep into the foundation if you do not install a good drainage system. Drains also come in all shapes and sizes, and a contractor can help you choose the right drainage system during the mitigation and restoration process.

Protecting Your Valuables

Valuable and delicate items such as electronics require special treatment to avoid the possibility of flood damage. The best way to do so is to raise these items off the ground. By mounting the electronics on the walls, you can keep them in good shape even if your plumbing system leaks. While protecting a home from water damage is a daunting task, you can avoid losing your prized possessions by taking such measures. While you can salvage the items by drying the carpet and some furniture, water damage on the electronic goods is irreparable. The presence of water in home electronic appliances and documents can also spell doom to these delicate items. The water in business foundation walls can also encourage the mold to grow in damp conditions.

Mold Prevention

When water starts percolating into the basement, you will notice the wet areas immediately. However, if you do not address the problem, it can escalate within a few days. Molds and other algae varieties will start to grow in your house. The mold growth will affect the structure of your house. The dampness also indicates that water has found a way into your home. As the problem escalates, the walls of your basement might crack under the weight of water and negatively affect the building. Since the mops will not dry it up entirely, a dehumidifier can extract the moisture and ensure that the water cleanup endeavor goes according to the plan.

The seepage of stormwater in business parking lots can lead to an array of structural problems. Once you have completed the cleanup, you should consider cutting the drywall sections that have crumbled. After water leaks in-home baths and kitchens, it can find its way to the lounge easily. Whenever the water in business lavatories leaks, it can also flow into the offices. Water cleanup involves mopping up the entire area and drying it up completely. You need to begin the water cleanup process by disinfecting the dry surfaces. Ask a specialist to recommend the right disinfectant for the water cleanup exercise. 

What to do When Water Floods Your Home

1/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water damage icon Have water damage? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East.

Whether water has entered the home from a broken pipe, weather, or after a fire, it creates havoc. Water damage can be pretty extensive. Whether there is water in a home or water in a business, the goal is water damage restoration.

The sooner flood damage is addressed, the better. Early mitigation can reduce the severity of the water damage. However, before mitigation can begin, individual safety must be addressed.

Depending on where the water damage has occurred, there can be a severe danger lurking from the electricity running through the building. If the main electrical switch can be flipped safely, this will help. If there is any doubt about the safety, get out of the building and call for help. Water cleanup can wait.

Once it's safe to enter the building, flood damage can be assessed. Drying and air movement are what aids in drying. No matter how extensive the water damage is, drying and air movement are the fixes. A wet/dry vacuum can help with water cleanup.

If there is a lot of water in the home or extensive water in a business, call a company specializing in water damage restoration. A water damage restoration company can get the job done quicker with their special equipment. These companies have huge hoses to get the water out faster. They also have massive fans to increase air movement and minimize drying time.

While water damage can ruin many items when there is water in the home or water in a business, there are ways to save some of these items from flood damage. The sun is your friend when it comes to drying. Drag furniture outside to begin water damage mitigation. Again the sooner this is done, the better.

When it comes to electronics, water damage is usually signified it's time to buy new ones. The risk of electrical shock is not worth the risk. Paper and photographs can sometimes be saved with air movement. Separate papers, take photographs out of albums, and spread them out. As they dry, aid them by turning them often, so air movement is increased.

Clothing should be taken to the laundry to be washed and dried. Clothing can often come back from flood damage if cleaned and dried early on in the mitigation process.

Once the water in the home is gone, water cleanup can begin. Water damage restoration means cleaning everything that has come into contact with water. Water cleanup involves ensuring that mold does not find its way into the home or business when there is water in a business.

Keep these tips in mind and take things one step at a time. The water can be overwhelming, but don't give up. A flood is something that can be overcome. Keep in mind that there are companies that specialize in this type of cleanup. Hiring a company makes things much easier for the home or business owner. 

Water Damage Repair in Oveido, FL

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Water damage in Oviedo, Florida SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East is here to help. Call today.

Going by statistical data, water loss accounts for the most claims made to insurance companies in Florida. Many individuals attempt to mitigate this occurrence, but the majority of homeowners are not professionals. Even though the significance of water damage deterrence is understood by most, homeowners must be prepared to handle a water loss event. 

The main thing that a homeowner in Oviedo should do if they detect a water flood in residence is to turn off direct water access quickly. This is for fear that it could be sourced from leaking pipes wicking up walls. On the other hand, the damage could be occurring from other causes aside from leaking pipes or wet carpet. If the homeowner cannot determine the water's location is damaging the structure, it is wise to contact a local plumber quickly to inspect the residence. 

Suppose a leak is detected and it cannot be prevented. In that case, tiny puddles may rapidly develop into a massive area of water, eventually reaching the power outlets or appliances from wet carpet. Situations like this can easily create a hazard for anyone nearby. Possibly, resulting in someone's death.

If any items are found not to be wet but the items are where they could become soaked, be sure to relocate the items quickly. As a homeowner, it is essential to enact as much mitigation as possible to avoid more damage.

The following action would be to relocate any wet items for further mitigation. If the items can be dried off and prevented from being damaged, try air drying them in the sunlight or drying them with an air machine.

It is not safe to remove water if a leak is detected coming from the sewer line. If the damage is terrible, the homeowner should contact a water damage professional to the residence, especially in Florida and as soon as feasible. This is ideal for both the homeowner and the insurance agency.

Once a call has been made to a water loss expert in Winter Springs, the homeowner can begin preparing to make the insurance claim. Primarily, make sure that records are made of everything that occurred, including all damaged water locations in Winter Springs, FL.

Maintain all documents for services that the Oviedo water extraction agency has performed. If no services with a Winter Park water damage expert were made, keep any receipts for all machinery that might have been purchased or rented to mitigate the damage in Oviedo, FL.

It's essential to deliver the insurance claim. Suppose the services of an Oviedo, FL, water extraction professional were used. In that case, the company could assist the homeowner with the insurance agency to repair water wicking up the walls.

Sometimes water might be the basis of many problems for homeowners in Florida. When damage is detected, it is crucial to act quickly, contact a water extraction expert fast.

What To Know About Fire Sprinkler Flooding

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Active fire sprinkler. Active fire sprinkler.

Here Are Three Things You May Want to Know

If your Chuluota, FL, has a fire sprinkler system installed you may be wondering about the risk of flooding and what to do if that does happen. Here are three things you may want to know.

1. Sprinkler Systems Can Flood

While fire sprinklers can lead to flood damage this is most likely to occur during an actual fire suppression effort rather than accidental triggering. The exact trigger for your suppression system will depend on its type, but in most cases, during a fire, a system will release suppressant over areas of flame. While this can pool and lead to water damage the amount of water used in a sprinkler system is much less than that used by a fire hose.

2. Flooding Can Lead to Damage

Any standing water can lead to possible water damage. This is why it’s important to get the water cleaned up and the affected area dried as quickly as possible. Many professionals use a water-rated vacuum or similar pump to remove the water. You may want to consider the use of a squeegee to pull water away from the walls, or towels to create a barrier until the bulk of the water is removed.

3. A Restoration Service Can Help

If a fire sprinkler related flood were to occur it may help you to know that a damage restoration service can help. These professionals have the tools and experience necessary to clean up and repair a variety of water damage related issues, and can also look for related problems such as mold.
If you're worried about flooding from fire sprinklers it may help to know that this most often occurs when there is an actual fire and the sprinklers are doing their job. Fortunately, these sprinklers use a lot less water than a fire suppression hose, so that when a flood does occur a restoration service can quickly clean it up before any long-term damage takes hold. If you have more questions about your system a professional may be able to help.

What’s That Sound? Warning Signs From Your Pipes

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Broken pipes can cause major damage to your property

Warning Signs From Your Pipes

If you’re a homeowner in Oviedo, FL, you’re familiar with the sounds your house makes, from floorboard creaks to heater rattles. Before you have a pipe break, you’ll probably realize something is amiss based on what you’re hearing. Before you call a professional to fix the broken pipe, first listen to what your house is trying to tell you.

1. Whistling Sounds
A whistling sound may happen if there is something in a pipe causing a narrow blockage — for example, a washer that is bent or twisted. There is greater pressure when water flows through a narrow obstruction, and leaving the impingement unchecked for too long may make the pipe burst.
Listen for this noise after you flush a toilet, or when you turn on any valves or faucets. Through the process of elimination, you may be able to narrow down which pipe is causing the problem by seeing which fixtures trigger the whistling sound.

2. Hammering Sounds
A sudden stoppage of water may make a pipe break, and it may also cause a hammering sound that you can hear through the wall. The cause of this sound is the water in your pipes suddenly having nowhere to go, causing the water to bang around inside the pipe and the pipe to rattle in its braces.
This is a problem you can both hear and see if you can get behind a wall and take a look at your pipes. You wouldn’t want to have a pipe burst just because it’s hitting a fitting or wall at the wrong angle!
If you do have a pipe break in your home and need to call a professional restoration company to deal with the damage, it will help to tell them exactly what went wrong, so they can assist you in avoiding the same problem in the future. Understanding the sounds your house is making is a great way to help identify and avoid expensive problems.

3 Things You Must Do Once You Realize Your Basement Has Flooded

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded basement

Steps To Take To Salvage Your Belongings After A Flooded Basement

A basement flood can happen to anyone in Oviedo, FL, even if it has never happened before. An unusually strong rainstorm, a broken pipe, or a faulty sump pump can suddenly cause a waterlogged basement. A flooded basement is overwhelming, but there are steps that you can take to safely salvage your space as you wait for the professionals to arrive.

1. Consider Safety First
Large amounts of water in your basement can be dangerous. People are most commonly injured in a slip and fall accident or from an electrical hazard that they didn't realize was caused by the basement flood. If you're unsure about the risks that may be present, it's best to stay away and wait for the professionals to assess the situation. Have the number of a 24/7 emergency service handy that has been approved by your insurance coverage.

2. Pump Out the Basement
Following a significant weather event in Oviedo, FL, it may take a little bit of time for a professional to get to your home. Once the floodwaters recede from your yard, you may want to rent a pump to remove standing water from your basement. It will still be important to have a company come and help with the drying out and restoration process in order to avoid long-term problems.

3. Dry Out Items
Once you've been given the "all clear" to enter your basement, carefully remove items that you hope to salvage from the water. Prop cushions from chairs and couches on end to allow them to dry. Move books to dry, flat surfaces. Hang up carpets, clothes, and fabric covers.
Residual water in hard-to-reach places can cause structural damage, mold growth, or other long-term challenges for your home. Even in the event of a minor basement flood, it is important to contact a water damage restoration specialist to assess the area.

4 Areas Prone to Water Issues

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

Inspect your roof

4 Areas Prone to Water Issues

While Mother Nature is often the main culprit for unwanted water in your Oviedo, FL, property, that isn’t the only thing that can lead to extensive water problems. Although it may be impossible to entirely avoid water issues, knowing the main causes and taking preventive measures can minimize the potential of needing a water damage and restoration professional. Below are four areas to stay vigilant about to prevent unexpected flooding.

Plumbing System
Regardless of the size of the structure, its plumbing system is consistently moving water to where it needs to go. Along with the potential for clogs, a broken pipe can easily dump a significant amount of water where it shouldn’t. Any signs of moisture, staining, rusting or bulging are indicators that a trusted plumber should be called. For older buildings, it is worth considering installing a leak detection device.

Fire Sprinklers
A vital safety component of any commercial building is a sprinkler system. If properly maintained, they can be trusted to work as they should in an emergency. If not regularly inspected, it may mean an increased chance of a broken pipe or malfunction, which can be a costly cleanup.

The roof should always be on the regular maintenance list. Wind and rain can easily bring debris, tear off shingles or degrade seals that are vital to keeping the inside of the building dry. Flashings, membranes, drains, and pipes need to be inspected, especially before an after a storm, to verify if a water repair is needed. Taking quick action is a cost-effective way to avoid big headaches down the road.

Equipment and Appliances
The chances are high that there is some kind of appliance or equipment on the property that use water, especially a water heater and air conditioner. They are fitted with an array of small parts that may eventually be damaged and lead to leaks.
Although avoiding a broken pipe or sever storm may not be possible, taking preventive measures can reduce the damage they cause.