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Is It Safe To Keep Flood-Damaged Items?

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Is It Safe To Keep Flood-Damaged Items? Anything exposed to contaminated black water will need to be disinfected

Business or building owners who have recently experienced a flood may be curious which contents are safe to clean and keep. Any items exposed to contaminated black water will need to be disinfected. Some materials stand up to this treatment better than others. Here is an overview of which items can benefit most from content cleaning.

Hard, Non-Porous Materials

Hard items that do not absorb water are the best candidates for cleaning. These items may range from durable to delicate. Depending on the material, damage mitigation experts may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • Abrasion or blasting
  • Immersion cleaning with or without ultrasonic waves
  • Spraying and wiping
  • Wet cleaning

These methods can be sufficient for cleaning a variety of items. Items that have been disinfected and dried should be safe to handle. If a building is still undergoing cleanup and restoration, ask a content cleaning service about off-site storage.

Porous Materials

Porous materials are generally not good candidates for cleaning. Exposure to black water introduces contaminants that can be difficult to get out of the following items:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses

As a rule, it is generally safer to dispose of and replace porous items than attempt restoration. In addition to a risk of infection or exposure to chemicals, heavy metals or other contaminants, these items may also heighten the risk of mold growth in an otherwise clean and sanitary location.


Electronics exposed to water tend to corrode, which can cause short-circuiting. Flood water also introduces dirt and debris to delicate parts. Ask a cleaning specialist whether it is possible to restore appliances and devices or attempt to recover data.

A content cleaning specialist can recommend the best treatment for each item and give business and building owners accurate ideas about whether restoration is possible. Contact a commercial damage cleanup and restoration company in Winter Springs,FL .

4 Tips on How To Eliminate the Smell of Cigarettes From Your Home

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 4 Tips on How To Eliminate the Smell of Cigarettes From Your Home Ozone machines are extremely effective at home deodorization

How to Get Rid of The Smell On Your Own

While candles and air fresheners can help mask the smell of cigarettes for a short while, this especially potent type of odor often requires extensive home deodorization to eliminate the smell completely. While an odor removal specialist might be necessary if your home in Oviedo, FL, has been exposed to cigarette smoke for a long period of time, here are a few tips on how you can try to rid of the smell on your own.

1. Clean Hard Surfaces Using Vinegar

While it may appear that smoke floats around the room until it dissolves, it actually settles on the first surface it comes into contact with. Often, this surface is your ceiling or the top of your walls. However, furniture, floors and other surfaces will likely be hit over time. Take time to thoroughly clean every hard surface in your home using half vinegar and half water solution.

2. Create Airflow

Use ceiling fans, floor fans, and open windows to let out foul smelling odors that are in the air of your home. While this action alone won’t help much for intense, lingering smoke, it is important to not trap the smoke smell in your house while you work on a total home deodorization.

3. Deep Clean Fabrics

Fabrics like your clothes, the carpet, linens, and upholstered furniture will absorb the cigarette smell until you take the time to deep clean them. Machine wash all clothing and fabrics that can be washed and add a cup of vinegar to the load. Use a steam cleaner to wash carpet and other fabrics.

4. Ozone Machine

Ozone machines are extremely effective at home deodorization. This is the tool of choice of many restoration companies. These machines use the process of oxidation to change the structure of odors in your home chemically.

No one likes the smell of cigarette smoke in their home. Try out these four tips or call in the professionals for a fresh smelling, smoke-free home!

The Importance of Mold Containment During the Remediation Process

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Importance of Mold Containment During the Remediation Process Mold damage to structure in a Winter Springs, FL home

Mold remediation in Winter Springs,FL, is a very tricky process that requires specific methodology and equipment to effectively combat mold contamination in your home. When a mold remediation expert enters the area where mold growth is occurring, they will need to first inspect the damaged section and determine the best solution. When dealing with mold, the risk of spreading it to other parts of your home is a primary concern which is why containment is such an important part of the process.

3 Commonly Used Containment Methods

Not all mold contamination situations are the same, which is why the type of containment method will depend greatly on the severity of the issue and the size of the affected area. There are three main methods that remediation experts will choose from when addressing mold growth in your home:

1. Surface Containment: For small, confined sections of mold contamination that are under 10 square feet, surface containment is a likely choice. For this method, only the damaged area will be contained using a physical barrier of some sort, such as a polyethylene sheet. The section should also be vacuumed using a HEPA vacuum.

2. Local Containment: Like surface containment, local containment focuses primarily on the infected area but also includes the surrounding area up to 100 square feet. For example, if a large section of a room is affected, the entire room might be sealed off. A thicker, sturdier structure might be built to effectively contain the area.

3. Full Containment: For widespread, severe situations, the remediation specialist might deem it necessary to contain the entire affected building. Often, a much larger negative air filtration device will be necessary to provide negative air pressure throughout the entire building.

As you can see, dealing with mold contamination is not a simple process. The risk of spreading mold is increased greatly when the correct procedures aren’t used. Knowing which containment process to use when addressing a mold growth issue in your home is essential for proper mold remediation.

5 Causes of Pipe Noises

1/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 5 Causes of Pipe Noises More water damages are caused by broken pipes.

Noisy Pipes

Noisy pipes can be distracting, but these sounds may also indicate an increased risk for a pipe break. Find out more about five common causes of pipe noises.

1. Abrupt Flow Stops

An abrupt stoppage of water flow may cause banging or chattering noises. Stops may be due to the manual control of faucets, malfunctioning toilet components, or appliances that draw on water.

2. Appliance Valves or Pumps

A dishwasher or washing machine supply valve may cause banging or chattering noises when the water flow shuts off. A water pump without a holding tank can make similar sounds. These noises do not indicate heightened risk of a pipe break.

3. Faucet Washer

A whistling noise may indicate that a faucet washer is distorted or that the brass screw that holds the washer in place is loose. Replacing the washer or tightening the screw should stop these noises.

4. Toilet Ballcock Valve or Overflow

A malfunctioning ballcock valve or overflow may result in hissing noises. Shut off the water supply and adjust these components or contact a plumber.

5. Vibrating Pipes

In addition to abrupt stops of water flow, excessive pressure levels can cause pipes to vibrate and may increase the risk of a pipe burst. If pipes are in good condition, a homeowner may want to consider installing anti-hammer devices, pipe straps, or specialized shock-resistant chambers to keep pipes from making contact with walls. These components may help to prevent broken pipes, severe water damage, and the need for cleanup and restoration.

Any of these factors may cause plumbing to make banging, chattering, hissing, or whistling noises. If the cause of noises is not evident after an inspection, contact a plumber in Oviedo,FL . Some sounds may indicate the presence of issues that can result in a pipe break and the need to fix broken pipe and restore water damage.

Fire Insurance and Your Small Business

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Insurance and Your Small Business Make sure your Oviedo, FL commercial property has the right insurance

Fires can be devastating to small businesses in Oviedo,FL. Not only do they cause extensive damage to equipment and property, but fires often disrupt daily operations, leading to heavy financial losses. Fortunately, fire insurance policies are available, offering many financial benefits.

  • Coverage for physical damages
  • Replacement or repair of office fixtures
  • Protection against lost business income
  • Compensation for costs of doing business in a temporary location

In some situations, this type of policy covers lost data, the interruption of digital operations, and other computer-related business dealings. Ask your insurance provider for specific information.

Identify and Reduce Risks

If you own the property or building where your business operates, you may work closely with your insurance company or a fire restoration professional to identify the most common risks and take steps to protect your premises. Even if you don't own the building, you can look for problem spots such as overloaded power strips and extension cords, stacks of flammable materials near heat sources, aging appliances, and indoor smoking areas. You may be eligible for fire insurance that covers your business contents.

Look Outside of Your Business Walls

Fires are generally unexpected and very destructive. In fact, many businesses did have appropriate preventative measures in place before suffering damage. Fires aren't always the result of something that occurs within the workplace. Sometimes, the emergency is caused by the activities of neighboring businesses, extreme weather, rioting, or vandalism. You may require coverage for the costs of smoke cleanup even if flames never reach your building.

Understand Your Coverage Needs

As you consider your business needs and discuss coverage options with your insurance provider, be realistic about your needs. Too many business owners purchase minimum coverage and then don't have the necessary funding for complete fire restoration services. Ask your insurance representative about replacement cost versus cash value terms and about eligibility requirements. Make sure you have enough coverage to get you through the entire restoration process.

Small businesses may be particularly susceptible to damages, but the right fire insurance coverage offers important protection. Learn more today to make sure your business has the coverage it needs.

Water Damage in New Constructions

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Many business owners in Chuluota,FL, don’t realize that some forms of water damage can occur before a building is even in use. Ensure that your site doesn’t require immediate water pipe repair by implementing the following construction maintenance procedures.

1. Guidelines and Inspections

The most important piece of advice is to employ quality assurance and control personnel as part of an overall strategy. Not only must the building plans be reviewed for potentially problematic relationships between plumbing materials, but lines of communication must be established between the engineers and the contractors and workers that will be implementing the plans. Redundancy elements such as sump pumps on basement floors are strongly advised at this stage. These protections can buy time during flooding events in case water pipe repair becomes necessary due to a broken pipe.

2. Waterproofing Steps

The order of installation makes a big difference for many water-sensitive materials. Because the building will not be heated or cooled before walls or insulation are present, weather can be a damage concern even if the property is not actively flooded by high precipitation. As water slowly accumulates, it can freeze and crack concrete. Conversely, warm weather can accelerate mold damage and swelling in plywood. For these reasons, until the roof is installed, plastic sheeting should be used to cover any materials not intended for exterior use.

3. Additional Considerations

Once the roof is in place, it must pass a waterproofing inspection. Similar water-tightness measures should be implemented for testing the functionality of water sprinkler fire suppression systems. Any concerns should be documented and addressed as quickly as possible for insurance liability reasons. Additional culverts and retention ponds may be required at this stage.

Because water pipe repair can result in costly downtime, it is best to maintain your building and prevent leaks even in the construction phase. Should any flooding situation progress beyond your control, contact a qualified water damage restoration company.

Factors Required To Save a Carpet After a Flood

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Factors Required To Save a Carpet After a Flood Water damage to carpet in a Oviedo,FL bedroom

Any time your home in Oviedo,FL, floods, whether from a storm or a pipe break, your carpet is in danger of being compromised. The fibers tend to hold on to dirt and water, which can make restoration difficult and secondary damage likely. That doesn’t automatically mean you have to spring for new flooring, though. If the right conditions exist, you may be able to salvage it, cutting down on your repair costs.

What Kind of Water Caused the Flood?

The cleanliness of the water is the main factor that determines whether items in the room can be salvaged. When it comes to floodwater, there are three categories of contamination:

  • Category 1 – Clean water, usually from a faulty supply line or pipe break
  • Category 2 – Gray water, usually from an appliance overflow
  • Category 3 – Black water, usually from storm flooding or sewer water

If the water’s contamination level falls under Category 2 or 3, your carpet needs to be replaced. The water is likely to contain harmful bacteria that would be difficult, if not impossible, to remove during the restoration process. If, however, it is clean water, a thorough drying should suffice.

How Long Has It Been Wet?

Another issue water remediation specialists consider when deciding if materials should be replaced is the length of time it has been saturated. If you call the professionals as soon as the flood occurs, they are likely to get to the problem in time to salvage as much as possible. Mold loves moisture, and it can start to grow as soon as 24 hours after water damage occurs. The longer you wait, the more you’re going to have to replace as the result of secondary damage.

If you have a pipe break in your home and your floors are flooded, call in the experts quickly. The sooner they fix the problem, the higher the probability that you can keep your carpet.

Learn How Many and What Kind of Fire Alarm You Should Install in Your Home

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Learn How Many and What Kind of Fire Alarm You Should Install in Your Home How many alarms would you install in your Winter Springs,FL home

Smoke alarms can help keep your family safe if the most serious of situations occurs. Home fires account for numerous deaths and injuries and countless property loss in Winter Springs,FL, each year. Homes without a smoke or fire alarm run the risk of danger to family members, who may sleep through the early stages of a fire and suffer from smoke inhalation.

So how many alarms should you install in your home? According to the National Fire Protection Association, the average two-level, three-bedroom home needs an average of 14 units. How do you determine how many are needed in your home?

How To Determine the Number of Alarms You Need

  • There should be one fire alarm installed inside each bedroom in the home
  • You need to make sure to have one unit in every hallway outside of a sleeping area
  • Make sure to install one unit above each stairway
  • Install at least one unit on each level of the home whether there are bedrooms or not

According to these guidelines, you may have anywhere from five to 20 alarms in a small to average home. You can purchase hard-wired units or buy a simple battery-operated alarm that can be hung on a couple of screws. There are two types of sensors as well – an ionization alarm and a photoelectric alarm. Smoky and smoldering fires are picked up faster by a photoelectric alarm, while flames are actually sensed more quickly by ionization units. It is recommended that you have a few of each on each level of your home.

What To Do If a Fire Happens

If a fire does break out, get your family out of the house immediately and then call 911. When things have been taken care of, you will likely have smoke damage and fire damage to deal with. The trauma alone is great enough to deal with, so you are best to call on expert service technicians in Winter Springs,FL, to help restore your home to a livable condition. Making sure to install a fire alarm in each critical area of your home can prevent serious trouble and keep your home a safe and peaceful place.

How To Handle Fire Loss In Oviedo And Winter Springs Florida

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Handle Fire Loss In Oviedo And Winter Springs Florida Fire Damage in Oviedo, Florida

How To Handle Fire Loss In Oviedo And Winter Springs Florida

Whether you live in Orlando, Winter Springs, or Oviedo FL, handling the aftermath of a fire can be difficult. Still, once you and your loved ones made it through safely, you must get the fire damage assessed and start taking steps to clean, rebuild and replace the things in your home. Once the fire department has put out the fire, contact your insurance company. They will assess the fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage and water damage from fire fighters to determine if your home can be saved. If it can, find a company to thoroughly clean your home and make it habitable again. Your insurance company should help make arrangements for temporary lodgings and living expenses while the clean-up team works to take care of your home. Once you know the fire's severity and are given permission to enter, decide what can be salvaged and what must be thrown out. Don't stay in your fire damaged home long because the air quality in it may be dangerous. You'll also have to work with the fire department to create a fire report detailing any injuries and the things that were lost or damaged. The fire department will tell you how to secure your home to dissuade looters. The first chance you get you should make arrangements for the cleanup team to get started.

The first step in the clean-up process is to get rid of the things that are too badly damaged to be saved. The clean-up crew can then begin to work on the things and parts of the house that suffered smoke damage, soot damage, fire damage and water damage from fire. Find a good company serving the Orlando, Oviedo and Winter Springs FL area to handle the job. It is essential the company take steps to make sure the air quality in the fire damaged home is safe. If not people returning into the home could fall victim to a wide variety of allergies and serious respiratory and other health problems.

Coordinate with the insurance company and the fire cleanup company to make it clear what must be done and how the clean-up team will be paid. The insurance adjustor will want to assess the home before the cleanup starts. They will help to decide what can be saved and what must be replaced. That includes furnishings like carpets, rugs and curtains. The professionals will know what to do to stop mold and mildew and restore the home to its former glory. Your insurance company or the Better Business Bureau may be able to help you find some licensed, experienced Florida based restoration contractors to do the work.

If a fire takes place in a Winter Springs, Orlando or Oviedo,FL home, water damage from fire, smoke damage, soot damage and toxic air quality are not the only issues Florida residents face. Living through a fire can be traumatic and have a lasting impact, particularly for children. Seek counseling for yourself or your loved ones if necessary.

What To Do After An Internal Flood

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What To Do After An Internal Flood Storm restoration clean up in Oviedo,FL

What To Do After An Internal Flood

Flood damage and water damage in a home or business after an internal flood may be quite a problem, and someone who has been hit with an internal issue must ensure they have cleaned it up as soon as possible. The water cleanup process is one that ensures the house or business will be in better shape, and the water restoration and mitigation company will help keep the space as clean as possible for the future. They have a number of options that will ensure the building looks its best, and they will arrive with every tool for the job.

#1: How Long Does Response Take?

Response times for flood damage and water damage cleanup are quick, and it is important to start water cleanup as soon as humanly possible. The team that does the work knows that they have a long road ahead of them, and they will do quite a lot to ensure the home or business has been secured before they do more complex work. The water damage restoration and mitigation company will check the house completely, and they will learn what must be done to return it to its original form.

#2: How Do They Dry The House?

Drying and air movement is important for the company, and they will do so in both water in home and water in business situations. Water in home drying and air movement looks different from hat of water in business floods, and both styles must be employed when the space presents certain challenges. The water restoration and mitigation company will ensure that they have taken the proper steps to ensure the house or business will look its best when the process is done.

#3: How Long Does Drying Take?

Drying and air movement in the house takes some time, and the process must be allowed to go on until it is complete. Someone who is attempting to dry the house must know that they have free reign to work as they must, and they will continue until all water cleanup, drying and air movement is deemed finished.

#4: Repairing Carpentry

The water damage restoration and mitigation company will send out a staff that knows how to complete basic repairs on the inside of the home. They may plug many holes in the house that has been there for some time, and they will avoid problems with the house that may include the growth of new mold or mildew. Water cleanup may be completed while the company is rebuilding parts of the house, and they will compensate for all water damage or flood damage.

The water damage restoration company knows how to help with water in home and water in business problems that were internal. They will survey flood damage or water damage, and they will formulate a plan that brings the home back to its original state. They create a fee estimate for all water damage restoration, and they complete the work for each new water in home or water in business customer at once. Visit for more information on water damage.