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How to Deal With Sewage Problems in the Home

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

sewage backup in Geneva, Florida - sewage cleanup needed Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East for sewage cleaning!

Most homeowners in Geneva, FL, contend with slow drains, poor water pressure or blocked pipes. If these problems sound familiar, you've probably used household solutions to overcome them. For more serious concerns, like a backed-up sewer or significant blockage in your plumbing lines, you may need more professional help with sewage cleaning.

Common Causes of Plumbing Issues

Even small plumbing problems can frustrate you, so it is helpful to know how these start. Once you know the root of the concern, you can develop a game plan to solve it. Here are a few:

  • Buildup in pipes from sediment, human waste, hair, and food, causing a clogged pipe. 
  • Faulty appliances
  • Cold weather freezing pipes, causing them to burst

Overflowing Toilets

You can face a toilet overflow at home due to a few causes. Sometimes, you may even see this happen when you turn on the water in the shower. This indicates blockage somewhere between the toilet and the sewer. Water will back up in the waste lines and exit the first place it can: the toilet. Repairing this could be as simple as using a plunger. If that is ineffective, you could try using a sewer snake tool. You might have to call a plumber if the job gets too big. If you don't resolve this overflow, you could face significant damage and end up hiring a professional sewer cleaning crew. 

Sewer System Backup

If the main sewer line into your home backs up, you'll notice it pretty quickly because of the foul odor. Sewage cleaning is something you should leave to the pros. The line can clog due to a collapse or from tree roots growing into the pipes. Luckily, if the blockage is under the street and not on your property, your local water and sewer company should take care of it. 

The prospect of sewage cleaning can be scary. Pay attention to these common issues and how you can spot and repair them.

Practicing Fire Prevention in Your Home

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electrical outlet in Oviedo, Florida - restoration tips Do not overload electrical outlets.

You protect your family by locking doors at night, monitoring who they spend time with and where they are going. It may be a good idea to add fire preparation to your regimen. There are over 360,000 home fires in the US every year. If one breaks out in your home in Oviedo, FL, your family is much more likely to survive if you are educated on how to escape a fire and avoid one.

Tips for Home Fire Prevention

Most of the things that help your family stay safe against the threat of fire are just common sense. Nonetheless, it is essential to make sure they are formally addressed as a household so household members can avoid unsafe practices. Following are several areas that should be addressed:

  • Do not overload electrical outlets,
  • Learn safe cooking practices, especially when using grease,
  • Do not leave space heaters turned on or candles lit without supervision,
  • Regularly remove the dryer lint buildup,
  • Fully extinguish cigarettes and avoid smoking in bed.

Further Measures

In addition to the above fire safety tips, it would also be wise to set up an escape plan for all household members, both from the main living areas and from each room, in two different ways if possible. Practice your fire preparation plan a few times a year so that each person understands how to stay as safe as possible in the event of an actual home fire.

If a fire should break out, make sure the family all escape the home safely, then call 911 for help to extinguish the fire. Once it is under control, get help from a professional fire and water restoration service in Oviedo, FL, to renew the damaged areas of your home.

Fire preparation should not be neglected, but instead something that should become routine in your home. If you are doing the things needed to prevent a fire from happening, you will sleep better and enjoy your home life more.

What Remedies Exist After Mold Infestation?

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

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Mold damage concerns property owners, proprietors, and employers becoming more aware of the need for remediation from mold damage. Mold is a type of fungus useful for commercial purposes in the manufacture of brie and penicillin but can be destructive in homes and offices. Mitigation of mold growth is a cost-effective way of dealing with the infestation of mold in homes and reducing commercial mold damages. Mold removal requires one to seek professional services to ensure that it can be eliminated. Remediation from fungus responsible for mold growth is necessary to manage mold in homes and reduce commercial mold damages.

Areas likely to be infested:

  • Moist carpet surfaces
  • Poorly stored food
  • Wet clothing
  • Waste Paper
  • Wall surfaces with water

Mold Infestation Restoration Process

1. Emergency Contact

The process of mold removal from your house or office should begin when you notice it. Mildew and the smelly odor from hidden moist surfaces are clear signs of mold infestation. Avoiding commercial mold damage requires the use of a professional who understands mold remediation well with experience in managing mildew and its mitigation.

2. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment

After contacting service providers for mold removal, the service provider shall do a commercial mold damage inspection for visible signs of mildew and smelly odor. Since mildew is microscopic, the service provider needs to use the appropriate equipment to assess the infestation level. Various technologies are in use to detect growth on surfaces.

3. Mold Containment

Containment is a process that curtails the spread of mold before removal can take place. Advanced procedures such as negative air chambers can isolate the infected area by use of physical barriers. All air conditioners, heating, and cooling should be turned off to prevent mold spores' further spread.

4. Air Filtration

Air filtration must be undertaken during the removal of molds in homes to capture suspended fungus spores. An air filtration process involves specialized equipment that traps mold spores from the air allowing professionals to undertake a successful and safe mold removal.

5. Removal of Mold and Mold-infested Items

The level of mold growth and the type of surface upon which it grows plays a role in the mold remediation process. Subsequently, an expert will use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to clean up the fungus and prevent new mold growth.

Removing all the mildew from furniture and ensuring that they will be adequately cleaned before reusing them.

6. Cleaning of Infested Items

Depending on the mold damage level, appropriate fungicides and microbial treatments should be used in the cleaning process. Experts will ensure that fungus on every item is cleaned. It is also important to note that items found to be over-infested should be replaced with new ones.

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out deodorization on cleaned walls and furniture so that the smelly odor that may be existing can be done away with altogether.

7. Restoration

After a mold remediation process is completed, it is necessary to ensure that the restoration of various aspects of your house or office is fixed. It can involve repainting furniture, disposal of some items, deodorization, and minor repairs on walls. Carpets should undergo deodorization to eliminate the smelly odor.


Mitigation measures against mold infestation should be the primary focus in preventing full-fledged commercial mold damage and reducing molds in homes. Instances of mold in a home or commercial mold damage require taking mitigation measures against factors that favor mold growth. Deodorization is necessary for eliminating the smelly odor caused by mold in homes and offices. Repairing broken water pipes, keeping all surfaces of your furniture dry, fixing broken gutters, improving air circulation, and identifying areas infected by molds and cleaning it up will ensure that you manage mold infestation.

Winter Storm Flooding: Tips to Protect Your Business

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding in Oviedo, Florida Water can rise quickly after the rain stops during a storm.

When you think of how flooding might impact your Oviedo, FL business, weather events like torrential rain storms or hurricanes might come to mind. However, flooding can occur in almost any kind of weather, including during the winter months, and is usually the result of a burst pipe exposed to freezing temperatures. You can protect your business from winter floods by preparing for cold weather and having a plan if flooding occurs. 

Plan for Winter Weather 

If cold weather arrives around the same time every year in your area, you can plan accordingly to protect your building from winter flooding. Be aware of how your building’s water supply operates and which piping sections might be the most vulnerable. Locate valves and fixtures if you need to turn off the water in case of a flooding event. 

Insulate Your Building’s Pipes 

A frozen pipe can burst without warning and cause severe flooding inside your business. Because water can damage electrical systems and ruin stored inventory in moments, preventing frozen pipes is a smart way to protect your investments. Insulate your outdoor pipes before freezing temperatures arrive and improve or add insulation around indoor pipes as well, especially in your building’s basement. 

Work With a Flood Mitigation Company

When a burst pipe causes flooding, taking care of the problem quickly to prevent the water from spreading can avoid severe damage to your business. Hiring a professional cleaning and restoration company to provide you with mitigation services in case of a flooding emergency may help stem the worst of the water damage before it can reach other areas of your building. These flood experts can also safely remove standing water in affected areas. 

When cold weather arrives in Oviedo, FL, it can cause a frozen or burst pipe that could quickly flood your business. Preparing for frigid temperatures and having an emergency flood plan in place could help protect your building and everyone who enters it. 

Handling Mold Damage at Home or Work

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on the ceiling of an Oviedo home Suspect mold in your property? Call today!

One of the most common misconceptions regarding mold damage is it occurs when there’s been a flood. While mold damage is highly likely following flood damage or any form of water entering the home from a burst pipe or even a small leak, it’s not just a significant flood issue that causes mold growth. Residential mold, commercial mold damage, and mold can occur anywhere at any time. Mold is a fungus. This fungus needs only a little humidity and the smallest presence of moisture to grow. This fungus multiplies, and it’s not always a harmless fungus.

Mold growth takes very little time. Less than 72 hours after mold in the home or commercial mold damage occurs, it can spread rapidly. It’s often more dangerous than it appears, too, since the smallest area of mildew, fungus, or dry rot appears small but could indicate significant mold growth behind walls. It’s why professional mold removal done by a restoration company along with remediation and mitigation is the only answer when mold damage occurs. Mold removal should never be attempted by someone who is not a professional or employed by a professional restoration company.

Evidence and Signs of Mold Growth

Mold damage in residential or commercial properties is not always noticeable to home or business owners. A few evidence mold is present in the home, or commercial mold damage is present, and no one knows if it’s black mold or just a regular fungus. Evidence of mold in the home is apparent when the humidity level is high, and evidence of black mold or other mold growth is typically the presence of water. Whether it’s a leaking pipe or flood damage, any water in the home or office is evidence there might be mold damage somewhere, whether it’s mold growth behind walls or in a corner people don’t notice quickly.

The most common sign of mold growth behind walls is a smelly odor. This smelly odor is noticeable when people walk by the mold or even black mold is growing behind walls. The first step many people take is to use a form of deodorization to make the smell disappear. They might not realize how often they’re using deodorization until the smelly odor doesn’t disappear.

Home and business owners should know deodorization is adequate to handle a smelly odor, but it’s calling a professional restoration company that makes the most sense. A smelly odor that doesn’t go away despite all the deodorization techniques someone is using might mean there is mold growth behind walls or even the presence of black mold.

Any mildew that appears in a bathroom or basement and even the presence of dry rot might indicate mold damage is prevalent. Mildew and dry rot are common indicators, but that doesn’t mean they’ll grow only in expected places. Mildew and dry rot might occur along with door frames in bathrooms, garages, kitchens, or anywhere else in a home.

Why DIY Mold Removal is a Terrible Idea

DIY mold removal is not a good idea, and it’s never recommended. Professional mitigation and remediation is the only answer. Disturbing mold spores causes it to spread even faster. There are several reasons no one should ever attempt DIY mold removal. The spores spread quickly, and many people can experience health effects from mold. Too much mold growth can cause health effects if it’s black mold, and most people don’t realize the difference.

When mold is present, people who can do the best thing are called a restoration company for professional mitigation and remediation. It’s safe to start the process of water removal immediately following a flood of any sort. It’s also helpful if home and business owners take the time to turn off their HVAC system, so mold spores aren’t transported into other areas of a home or office. It’s wisest to call for professional mitigation and remediation before attempting anything, but these are ways to help stop the rapid spread of mold.

Water Damage Steps

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

flooded floor in Oviedo, Florida - water damage Have water damage? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East.

Water damage can be devastating for a home or business. It's possible to lose everything as a result. However, it's essential to understand what needs to be done if your home or business has sustained damage due to some water-related incident or natural disaster. There are certain steps you need to take in the event of a flooded home or business. These steps will keep you safe and help you prepare for professional technicians to start the water cleanup process in your flooded home or business.

Unknown Hazards

Water damage is often hard to pinpoint once the water has receded. It can occur for many reasons. However, it usually results from a flood, a supply line break, or a pipe break. The damage can be both dangerous and devastating. Although it may not be visible to the naked eye, what you can't see can hurt you. Within 24 hours of water damage, microbial growth sets in. Moisture can collect just about anywhere. It can be present behind the walls, in the drywall, and even in furniture and other porous materials. However, this is not the only concern. Wildlife can also take up residence in a recently flooded area, creating an extra need for safety and precaution. It's not unusual for everything from snakes and rodents to reptiles to be present in a flood situation. Be prepared. Wear boots and other protective clothing. It's also not a bad idea to wear rubber gloves and a vapor respirator. Even contaminated liquids can pose a threat to your safety. This is a concern with a supply line break and a pipe break. This is why you must exercise extreme caution when entering an area that has been recently flooded from natural causes or a supply line break or pipe break.

Safety Measures

If you must enter an area that has been recently flooded, make sure that the electricity has been turned off. Electric wires and outlets may still present some safety issues, making it possible to be electrocuted. Err on the side of caution to prevent injury. Flood damage always calls for extra safety measures. A restoration company generally makes mitigation a priority when it comes to making an area safe again. Water cleanup is generally the priority in situations where there is water in a home or water in a business. The drying process is a part of the mitigation plan as well. Anytime you have a flooding situation, there is usually some sustained damage that will make some things unusable.

Restoration Professionals

Professionals best handle water damage. A restoration company is qualified and prepared to determine what items in a flooded home are beyond salvaging. The same holds for a business. However, items like mattresses, box springs, particleboard, and pillows hold more moisture than other items and generally have to be thrown away. This can be done before a restoration company comes to perform water cleanup. Record and itemize any items lost to flood damage for insurance purposes. Restoration companies make mitigation a top priority when handling water in a home and water in a business. They have the skills and training to quickly determine items that have water damage and may be unsalvageable. Professional technicians will know how to approach water cleanup and the drying process. They understand the hazards that water can create and actively work to diminish those hazards through mitigation.

The Process

A professional restoration company comes into a flooded home or business with mitigation as a top priority. They search for pockets of moisture and remove them. These pockets can be behind the tile, walls, and other materials that may feel dry to the touch. They use specialized equipment that allows them to measure moisture levels. This equipment can locate moisture in hidden pockets. These pockets are then exposed to air by removing tile, drywall, or any other material that may be trapping the moisture in a particular area. This is part of the drying process. Part of restoration is pressure washing any areas where moisture was present to prevent or eliminate mold and bacteria growth. Detergent can be used to pressure wash affected areas. If mold and bacteria are found, technicians get rid of them by using mechanical methods and chemical methods. They also have tools that speed up the drying process to prevent more bacteria and mold growth.

Make Sure the Company is Certified

Make sure the restoration company that you hire is certified. The certification should be through a reputable organization as well. Technicians who have had the proper training know what to do in the event of flood damage and water damage resulting from a flood, supply line break, or pipe break. Anytime you have standing water in your home or standing water in your business for a prolonged amount of time, there will be damage. However, acting quickly and calling a professional company are the best approach.

Dealing with a home or business that has sustained water or flood damage isn't fun. However, the chances of mitigation and restoration are greater when you hire a restoration company to help. Professionals will identify which items have been damaged beyond repair, locate excess moisture and remove it. Go with a professional company if you are faced with water in your home or water in your business.

The Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation Services

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Mold on ceiling in Oviedo, Florida - mold damage Suspect mold in your property? Call us today!

Mold damage can pose serious issues to a home or commercial building. Although most homeowners and commercial building managers may choose DIY dry rot or mold removal projects to get rid of the mold in a home or commercial building, it's prudent to leave it to the professionals. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional mold removal company to help you deal with the black mold growth damage issue on your property or mold growth behind a wall:

Playing Detective

Mold can regrow, and mold removal companies have the right skills and tools for investigating where the black mold in the home or the commercial mold damage started before they commence the mold growth mitigation process. Getting rid of dry rot, black mold, fungus, or mildew requires that you deal with the damage by identifying the root cause. After all, what good is removing mold growth from your property if you don't address the root cause? Professionals can effectively eliminate mold growth behind a wall.

Licensed and Certified Mold Damage Mitigation Company

Several black mold removal handy-men in every neighborhood claim to be professional mold removal service providers with trucks and a few tools. These uncertified black mold remediation service providers might not get the job done right the first time. The best option is to hire certified professionals certified by the IICRC in Applied Microbial Remediation and licensed to offer mold mitigation services and remove black mold behind a wall in your locality.

Experience in Mold Damage

Dealing with mold in a home or commercial mold damage and executing complicated deodorization projects to get rid of the smelly odor and dry rot is not an easy task, especially for first-timers. Instead, you should hire professional dry rot and mold growth remediation service providers with years of experience handling various types of mildew, mold, and fungus remediation projects. If the black mold remediation project is carried out haphazardly with people who don't have the experience, it can pose even worse damage.

Tools and Equipment

The professional mold restoration company has the right equipment and techniques for carrying out mold growth mitigation projects. They have state-of-art equipment or technologies that are too expensive for a homeowner or commercial building owner to invest in just for a one-time dry rot or mold cleanup project. It doesn't make sense for anyone to buy the complicated deodorization equipment to remove mold in-home or handle a commercial mold damage issue.

Moreover, the professional mold restoration company has the right protective gear necessary to remove mold growth behind the wall and carry out hazardous deodorization tasks to clear smelly odor. You and your family or the occupants of a commercial building don't have to handle the chemicals used during the deodorization and mold mitigation projects.


Different types of mold, fungus, and mildew have various growth cycles and color patterns. It's not easy to remove the black mold and get rid of the fungus or mildew from a commercial building or home as thoroughly as professionals from a mold restoration company can do. Suppose the deodorization process and the removal of fungus, mildew, and the smelly odor are not done extensively. In that case, the home or commercial building may see the problem return after the mold remediation project has been completed. Agitating a mold area can send microscopic spores through the air and spread the mold throughout the commercial building or home. Therefore, hiring a professional mold restoration company to remove the smelly odor and the mold growth behind a wall carefully will help reduce the chances of spreading the mold, fungus, or mildew.

How to Prepare for Water Damage

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Roof damaged after a storm in Oviedo, Florida Have water damage after a storm? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East today!

With all of the major flooding events in the news lately, more property owners are becoming uneasy at the thought that such a circumstance could also befall them. While there are many homes and businesses affected by catastrophic flooding events in the United States each year, the vast majority of flood damage is still caused by more mundane things, such as pipe breaks or supply line breaks. Even much of the flood damage caused by severe natural events are mostly of the highly remediable variety, causing no long-standing local flooding.

This is good news for property owners. It means that, in almost every case, complete mitigation of the water damage and restoration of the flooded home or business is possible. But why are so many homes and businesses written off each year due to flood damage? The answer is that the property owners in question do not take the right steps to mitigate and restore flood damage when it occurs successfully.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Fortunately, an established and proven process enables the typical professional restoration company, with its highly trained and experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, to successfully restore the vast majority of flooded homes or businesses that it can work on. But the most critical element in the water damage mitigation and flooded home restoration equation is that the property owner recognizes the seriousness of the situation and then acts on it. All it takes is a phone call to the local restoration company, and the ball can get rolling towards successful mitigation of the flooded home or business.

The Water Cleanup Team Arrives On-site

Once a property owner realizes there is floodwater in their home or flood water in their business, the first thing they should do is call their local restoration company. Once the call is made, the restoration company will dispatch a water cleanup team to the home or business. The water cleanup team will usually arrive in less than 30 minutes.

Once on scene, the water cleanup team will begin to assess water levels in the home or water in the business. They will also make sure that any active leaks occurring due to a pipe break or supply line break are under control.

The Water Removal Begins

The team will then begin the extraction of all standing water in the business or water in the home. This process utilizes heavy vacuum equipment specially designed to remove massive quantities of water in a business or water in homes. This will stanch the spread of water to structural components, preventing further water damage from taking place.

The Drying Process is Undertaken

Next, the team will begin carrying out the drying process. To do this, they will make use of heavy-duty drying equipment. They will take extra care to make sure that the site of the original supply line break or pipe break is thoroughly dried. The drying equipment is specially designed to completely dry out even areas with water seepage that is not visible. Through the additional use of dehumidifiers, the team will reduce the ambient humidity to almost 0 percent. Therefore, they will be able to completely dry out the area involved in the original supply line break or pipe break.

Once the drying process is complete, the property will appear to be effectively restored to its original condition. But there is still one small step left.

The Final Cleansing

Using chemicals and techniques similar to those used in dry cleaning, the team will carefully and thoroughly scrub and cleanse every surface, fixture, and piece of furniture that has come into contact with floodwater. This will ensure against the formation of mold and the persistence of foul smells.

Importance of Hiring Professional Commercial Fire Restoration Services

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commercial property with fire damage in Oviedo, Florida We're here to help! Call today.

A business loss is a reality that all owners are familiar with and make efforts to remain afloat. However, fire damage is a different thing altogether for business because it leads to loss, but it destroys the infrastructure for recovering that loss. Utility room fire or electrical fire outbreaks have a chilling effect on a commercial property.

In an effort against fire loss, most buildings have measures to protect the property from utility room fire or electrical fire loss. A fire sprinkler system is one of the strategies that play an essential role in fire suppression.

This system has sensors that detect a change in room temperature. If the temperature reaches a critical level, the alarm turns on, the valves open, and water jets are sprinkled in the rooms. The fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense against fire before the arrival of backup from firefighters.

Fire Suppression Exercise

The fire sprinkler system alone may not curb utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak from spreading. If no response comes quickly to help the fire sprinkler system, the fire can easily consume the entire building. Firefighters must arrive on time with their fire truck and fire hose to undertake intensive fire suppression. They are professionals in fire suppression, and they spare no effort to make sure that the inferno is put out as quickly as possible. This means that the firefighters can break into doors and windows without asking for permission and are not liable for any damage they cause while fighting the fire.

The fire truck is sometimes brought closer to the building; cranes are ejected to hoist the firefighter and fire hose inappropriate height. The fire hose is capable of injecting high-pressure water from the fire truck onto the fire. Firefighters have to ensure that the fire does not spread further and could take a few minutes while some could go for hours. Utility room fire or electrical fire could spread through the building very fast and must be stopped immediately.

Fire Damage and Firefighting Mess

After the fire, the reality of what transpired inside becomes clear to the owner and the need for fire restoration. Apart from the fire damage, there is soot damage, water damage, and visible smoke damage. Also, the fire hose pressure mixes and turns everything upside down.

The charred mess of fire damage is visible, and sometimes hard to recognize what it was. The flood from the fire truck is all over the place, making some documents and carpets wet. This devastating scene can only be rectified by professionals who are familiar with commercial fire damage restoration.

Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Hiring professionals for fire restoration is half the job done because you can rest assured that their services would turn the mess around and create a familiar place for your business. Professional commercial fire damage services usually take a record of the items destroyed and the remaining ones. Those that can be repaired or cleaned are sorted while the rest is appropriately disposed of. They also find out where data backups could be salvaged, such as the computer hard drives, among others.

The soot damage, water damage, and smoke damage are some of the things that must be cleaned fast to restore the face of the interior. Soot damage is cleaned using a dry brush to remove the ash as the painting is done. Water is drained from the rooms and floor cleared, and drying prevents mold from growing. The smoke damage is deodorized from the remaining upholstery and other areas that could have absorbed the odor.

After completing the soot damage, smoke damage, and water cleanup, the damaged items are replaced, and those under repair are brought back. Most of the fire restoration services have adequate tools and workforce to expedite the restoration effort. Commercial fire damage can be a devastating experience, but your business will emerge triumphant over the fire damage if you use professional fire restoration services.

Secondary Damage After a Fire

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soot damage after a fire in Oviedo, Florida Have fire damage? Call SERVPRO of Oviedo / Winter Springs East today!

A fire in a home or business in Oviedo, FL, can be devastating because of the loss it can cause. It is not possible to completely protect your business or home from the incidences of fire, but you can take up measures that could help mitigate its spread. If you have a fire in your home or business, you should make sure that you find the firefighters to assist you in fire suppression and reduce the extent of commercial fire damage.

The good thing about firefighters is they respond quickly and ensure the fire is suppressed before it spreads further, causing additional damage. The good thing also has the bad side; firefighting effort is a war. It's intense and vigorous. The firefighters take no chance; they break into doors and windows to access the areas under fire. You can imagine the mess that will result from their efforts. The results are flood damage, soot damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. However, the suppression of the fire is their ultimate goal.

After the firefighters have left, you will access the property and see the extent of the damage. The extent of the damage can be heartbreaking, but the good thing is that it can be cleaned through a fire cleanup service, and your house or business can be restored to normal. The fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, smoke smell, and waterflood are not permanent; you should immediately call a fire restoration company.

After the area has been boarded up, fire cleanup can begin by cleaning up the soot damage, which results from the burning items. After soot damage cleans up, professional repainting of the wall is undertaken. Smoke damage causes the smoke smell, spreads in all the rooms, and is absorbed in the porous upholstery. Cleaning up of smoke damage is done through deodorization, which ensures that the smoke smell is eliminated.